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Finally some of the office staff at Avispa seem to have woken up and we look to be heading into the new season with a few uniform sponsors.

Having spent 2 years (including a spell in J1) wondering why we are playing clubs who have 5-6 sponsors on their kit and we don’t even have a shirt front sponsor, it now looks like we’ll have a plethora of disparate sponsors in 2014.
It would be easy to draw the immediate coincidence with Otsuka leaving as club president, and suddenly lots of new sponsors arriving so I won’t mention it.

After firstly getting a Tokyo insurance company to write ‘Broad-minded’ across the shirt shoulders we now have what appears to be a company involved in growing strawberries in Itoshima to sponsor our shorts.
The company behind it seems to be called ‘Emotent’, and if it genuinely is an Itoshima strawberry farming company then I’m going to be trying to buy a lot of shorts and eating a lot of strawberries in the next year.

In addition to Broadminded and Emotent it has also been announced that Hakata fish-egg company Fukuya will continue their sponsorship of the shirt sleeve.
Avispa fans are not going to forget that during the time we had no other sponsors Fukuya maintained their sponsorship, and at our darkest moments last year and needing 50m yen to stay solvent it was Fukuya who continued to try and do promotions to keep money coming into the club.

Posted December 24, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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