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Avispa today received a big Christmas present as news of the new President of the club was made public.
My understanding is that it still needs to go in front of an EGM in January, but that should just be a formality and we should now start to have the structure in place to start building for next season and beyond.

Who is the new President?

Atsushi Nomiyama.

He looks to be exactly what we need in being a real football man, and a Fukuoka boy.

Born in Iizuka he became linked to Sumitomo Metal in the days before the J-League, eventually becoming their coach.
From this he became closely linked with the start of Kashima Antlers at the dawn of the J-League, including during their glory years when Zico was at the club.

Success here led to links with the Japanese Football Association where he has been closely linked to the development of young players.

I don’t want to jump the gun here, but the same as when I was very pleased when we appointed Pusnik I would also say this looks like a very positive appointment.
I don’t feel the club needs or wants a rich sugar-daddy type owner who might bank-roll a few far-fetched schemes, but rather a real football man who understands the game and can see what Pusnik could potentially achieve if given the correct support.

His links to youth development are key for me as this is the main area where I feel Avispa need to move in, and with a CEO who has played the game and stayed involved in the game for nearly 35 years it may be exactly the man to establish a new, modern outlook in Japanese football.


Posted December 24, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

3 responses to “A New President.

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  1. Hi my name is David Waite – I was the first Englishman to play for Sumitomo Metals in the JSL. I am trying to contact my good friend and manager Atsushi Nomiyama. I believe he now works with you

    Please would you pass my email address and good wishes to Nomiyama san it would be fantastic to hear from him

    • I will try to pass your message and email address onto him and hopefully he will get in contact with you!

      • Thank you for your response. I am keen to make contact with Nomiyama San as I would like make contact with some of my team mates from the 1985 JSL Sumitomo Metals soccer team.

        David Waite

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