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It had previously been announced that Nishida wouldn’t have his contract renewed, but today the news has come through that he will be playing at Ehime FC next season.

I’m glad for the guy as he always tried his best, was great to have around the club, and definitely had some talent.
His biggest draw-back is a lack of first touch which it has always seemed to me as mainly down to a lack of concentration. He sometimes looks to be thinking about what he is going to do next before he has fully controlled the ball.

Despite being quite small he is primarily a hold-up, target striker who is more effective with his head and back to goal than he is running off the defender’s shoulder. His problem towards the end at Avispa was that he was competing in position and style with Punosevac, a guy who was 10cm taller than him (and with considerably defter touch).

It does seem odd to me, and probably says a lot about the insular structure of Japanese football directorship, that this is now the 4th striker (and 5th player) in 2 years to have gone from Avispa to Ehime.
I would say that Nishida Go is definitely a better player than Yutaka Takahashi and Osmar, but without the promise of Kentaro Shigematsu.

Shigematsu is a player I’d love to see back at Level-5, but seems to have gone totally off the rails. I believe he may have picked up a big injury at some point which is a shame as he looked a talent when he played for us in J1.


Posted December 21, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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