Kim Yong Gi goes back.   Leave a comment

A bit of a non-story, but the only piece on transfer news to report on apart from Sakata staying and Okada going.

The goal-keeper brought in as cover when Mizutani has now returned to Oita.

He didn’t get any chance at Avispa, even when our top 2 goal-keepers were injured and suspended with the club preferring to give Eita a shot.

At 28 that has to give him something of an evaluation about his career, and having played 90 games in 2 seasons for Shonan Bellmare when he first became a professional he should probably be wondering where it all went wrong.

It leaves us a little weak for goal-keepers. Mizutani will stay, but can’t guarantee to stay fit. Kamiyama will stay, but will be suspended at some point after getting a red card. Let’s hope it doesn’t all happen at the same time!

“I was only here a short time, but thanks for your support on the weekends. I am very grateful for the warm support from the fans. I will be hoping the club can get promotion to J1 next season. Thank you all.”


Posted December 18, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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