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After the first serious business of the winter was completed in keeping Sakata at the club with Omiya and Kyoto checking to see if he could be tempted away, the club have today announced more player movement.

Ryu Okada

The first news is the (unsurprising) news that Ryu Okada returns to parent club Jubilo Iwata. He has been at the club for 2 seasons on loan and despite being made Club Captain for 2013 has vever really been good enough for a place in the team.
3 managers have been at the club during Okada’s stay at the club, none of whom have really thought he was good enough. It’s clear that Jinno saw something in the guy, and he is definitely a nice, intelligent player, but says more for Jinno’s judgement of a player than it does for Okada.

Okada always gave 100%, and could be a very good player at the right club; especially if he finds one position to make his own. More than anything he needs to realise he is a destructive, defensive midfielder; maybe one useful in an uber-press, but as a club aspiring to fast, creative attacking he was never really going to fit in at Avispa.
Unfortunately I’m not sure if he is going to fit in at an Iwata club who will be hoping to be too good for 85% of the clubs in J2.

“Fans and supporters, thank you for these 2 years. I’m sorry to be leaving Avispa without fulfilling the goal of promotion to J1. I’ll never forget that even with difficult things going on off the pitch this year there was always warm support. It was very supportive, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Seeing people rushing to the game at Level-5, and coming to the practice field helped me to always try and work hard. I will always cherish my time at Avispa and will now work hard to improve as a player in the future. Thank you.

While he has been a good servant to the club it is a decision I agree with and elsewhere 2 young players have signed on to stay at the club which also seems like a good decision to me.

Eita Kasagawa

I believe we will be starting the season with Mizutani and Kamiyama at the club as first and second choice goal-keepers.
That means that while I believe Eita needs to start getting some game time he will do at Avispa as Kamiyama will get suspended during next season and Mizutani will get injured.

Eita has some talent as a keeper, and hopefully with more experience will start being a little wiser when it comes to decision making, and more decisive when coming out for crosses.

Taku Ushinohama
2 years ago Ushinohama was in the position that Kanamori and Mishima find themselves in this year as the bright young hope for Avispa. He’d had a couple of scoring cameos at J1 level, but then bizarrely had alsmot no chances in our awful season in J2.
He is a little light-weight, and doesn’t have a great amount of pace, but seems to make things happen when he gets onto the pitch.

He ‘ll start the season behind Kanamori, Sakata and Mishima (and Jogo should he stay) for a position on the wing, but with those players being asked to play a high press there will be opportunities during the season for him to get on the pitch which he needs to be ready to take.


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