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The following players are ones who are currently playing in J1, but originally come from Kyushu.

I have said many times that with our current situation we should be looking to make a club which has a regional identity. This would work to hopefully increase awareness of the club in the area, and hopefully mean we could attract the best young players from the area which the following list will hopefully show could make a very competitive team.

It is much easier to sell a club to a player if he is originally from the area as it allows them to ‘come home’ to an area they know and have family/friends.

I have marked each player with a symbol:
* shows players who I think are quite realistic targets.
+ shows good players, but ones who are very unlikely to come to us unless offered something worthwhile.
~ shows players who are way above our level and wouldn’t come or are too expensive.
I didn’t bother marking Tosu or Oita players as they are already in Kyushu so couldn’t be enticed back here and if they are playing for those clubs aren’t good enough for us anyway.

Taku Akahoshi 赤星 拓 – Sagan Tosu – Fukuoka
Shusaku Nishikawa 西川 周作 – Sanfrecce Hiroshima – Oita ~
Kohei Kawata 河田 晃兵 – Ventforet Kofu – Oita +
Yuji Rokutan 六反 勇治- Yokohama F Marinos – Kagoshima

Yūhei Tokunaga 徳永悠平 – FC Tokyo – Nagasaki ~
Masahiko Inoha 伊野波 雅彦 – Jubilo Iwata – Miyazaki ~
Masato Fujita 藤田 優人 – Kashiwa Reysol – Oita ~
Yusuke Muta 牟田 雄祐 – Nagoya Grampus – Fukuoka ~
Shohei Kishida 岸田 翔平 – Sagan Toss – Oita
Koji Noda 野田 紘史 – Urawa Reds – Fukuoka *
Taikai Uemoto 上本 大海 – Vegalta Sendai – Kagoshima +

Kazuya Yamamura 山村 和也 – Kashima Antlers – Nagasaki ~
Naomichi Ueda 植田 直通 – Kashima Antlers – Kumamoto *(loan)
Tatsuya Sakai 坂井 達弥 – Sagan Tosu – Fukuoka
Daisuke Nasu 那須 大亮 – Urawa Reds – Kagoshima +
Yu Yasukawa 安川 有 – Oita Trinita – Fukuoka

Kota Fujimoto 藤本 康太 – Cerezo Osaka – Kumamoto ~
Masato Kurogi 黒木 聖仁 – Cerezo Osaka – Miyazaki *
Hokuto Nakamura 中村 北斗 – FC Tokyo – Nagasaki +
Junichi Inamoto 稲本 潤一 – Kawasaki Frontale – Kagoshima ~
Daigo Watanabe 渡邉 大剛 – Omiya Ardija – Nagasaki ~
Naoyuki Fujita 藤田 直之 – Sagan Tosu – Fukuoka
Toshiya Sueyoshi 末吉 隼也 – Sagan Tosu – Fukuoka
Kota Sameshima 鮫島 晃太 – Sanfrecce Hiroshima – Kagoshima *
Jumpei Takaki 高木 純平 – Shimizu S-Pulse – Kumamoto +
Hironori Nishi 西 弘則 – Oita Trinita – Kumamoto
Ken Matsubara 松原 健 – Oita Trinita – Oita
Hirotaka Tameda 為田 大貴 – Oita Trinita – Oita
Toshihiro Matsushita 松下 年宏 – Vegalta Sendai – Kagoshima

Forwards / Wingers.
Kaoru Takayama 高山 薫 – Shonan Bellmare – Fukuoka *
Kazuma Watanabe 渡邉 千真 – FC Tokyo – Nagasaki ~
Keigo Higashi 東 慶悟 – FC Tokyo – Kitakyushu ~
Masashi Motoyama 本山 雅志 – Kashima Antlers – Kitakyushu +
Yoshito Ōkubo 大久保 嘉人 – Kawasaki Frontale – Fukuoka ~
Shūto Hira 平 秀斗 – Sagan Tosu – Kagoshima
Koki Kiyotake 清武 功暉 – Sagan Tosu – Oita
Kohei Shimizu 清水 航平 – Sanfrecce Hiroshima – Fukuoka ~
Kohei Hattanda 八反田 康平 – Shimizu S-Pulse – Kagoshima ~
Tsukasa Umesaki 梅崎 司 – Urawa Reds – Nagasaki ~
Shinzo Koroki 興梠 慎三 – Urawa Reds – Miyazaki ~
Masaya Matsumoto 松本 昌也 – Oita Trinita – Oita
Masaru Matsuhashi 松橋 優 – Ventforet Kofu – Nagasaki *
Shingo Hyodo 兵藤 慎剛 – Yokohama F Marinos – Nagasaki +

Tall Strikers
Sōta Hirayama 平山 相太 – FC Tokyo – Kitakyushu +
Yuya Osako 大迫 勇也 – Kashima Antlers – Kagoshima ~
Ryunosuke Noda 野田 隆之介 – Sagan Tosu – Fukuoka

The players who I have marked with a star* as being realistic targets for this winter break are:
Koji Noda 野田 紘史 – Urawa Reds – Fukuoka (helps in our problem full-back position)
Naomichi Ueda 植田 直通 – Kashima Antlers – Kumamoto (Very young player who could come on loan and be good back-up)
Masato Kurogi 黒木 聖仁 – Cerezo Osaka – Miyazaki (Midfielder who might want to come and get some games)
Kota Sameshima 鮫島 晃太 – Sanfrecce Hiroshima – Kagoshima (Was at Gainare this season and might have something)
Kaoru Takayama 高山 薫 – Shonan Bellmare – Fukuoka
Masaru Matsuhashi 松橋 優 – Ventforet Kofu – Nagasaki (gets goals, but not too many games at Kofu)

The other big point I noticed is how many really top players come from Kagoshima;more than Fukuoka City itself in fact.
As a city with no J-League club I really hope we have a visible presence in the football clubs and high schools in that area (and Miyazaki to a lesser extent).
Players from Nagasaki and Oita should be picked up by their J2 clubs, but we should have a coach dedicated to going down to Kagoshima on a regular basis.

As an indicator of what a Kyushu team could look like if Avispa were able to fufil the vision I see I thought I’d make up a team made entirely of players from the island.
It also includes Endo from J2, and Kiyotake from Europe.

If money could be spent on keeping young players of this quality together rather than getting 34 year olds who are past their best then I believe this club could survive in the English Premier League and almost certainly win J1.



Posted December 1, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

3 responses to “Kyushu players

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  1. Very interesting article! Never knew there were so many players from Kyushu! Definitely need to get this idea up and running!

    The team at the end would definitely do well in J1 but I’m not too sure it would survive in the Premier League…

    Another season of rebuilding… Can only hope we make some sound decisions this off season!

  2. Amazing !!! I had no idea about all this. I hope Fukuoka can become powerful again and fight for J1.
    This year we saw our neighbors Sagan Tosu doing an excellent job. If we could have a forward reference like Toyoda… =P

    By the way I just found this blog and I’m really happy because I’m a die hard Avispa supporter! 😀

  3. I really hope that the young players in the area are sold on what Kanamori and Mishima have achieved this year after having a manager who knows how to make them better and has the confidence to play them in the first team.

    I’m glad you found the blog, please keep reading and add lots of comments; I always like to hear what other people are thinking!

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