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It’s come to the time of the year when players start to leave (and hopefully join) the club.

As much as it is quite exciting to see who arrives it is also quite sad to say goodbye to a bunch of guys who regardless of ability have always generally tried their best for the club.

The first bunch of players to be released are generally ones which the club (and probably the players) have known for a while that they wouldn’t be at the club next year.
Some more players will probably be released over the next couple of weeks but they will still be in some sort of negotiation.

#2 – Kim Min Je
Has predictably been released after getting very few opportunities on the pitch. Is a shame for him as I have always thought he could be a very good attacking wing-back if he got given the opportunities to get the experience needed to improve the defensive side of his game.
Unfortunately he seemed to focus mainly on the physical side of his game and got bigger and bigger in terms of physique, but then picked up the accompanying niggly injuries which come with that.
Avispa have looked after me for the 3 years I have been here. I have had good times and bad times, but when I look back now everything has been important and it has been a happy time. I’ll not forget Avispa Fukuoka even if I go to another team, and will continue to support them. Thank you very much.

#3 – Takuya Miyamoto
I’ve always thought Miyamoto had a tough time at Avispa, he never really let the team down any time he was asked to play, and at the start of the season in particular I thought he was our best player.
He never really fit into the adaptable, communicator role wanted by Pusnik, and at 30 years of age was unlikely to ever turn into that role.
He will hopefully now have no problem getting a new club in the lower half of J2, and should be looking for one which will appreciate his effort in being a reliable, if unspectacular right-back.
Thank you for this 1 year. We didn’t achieve our goals as a team, and personally I didn’t meet my expectations but it was a happy time. I thank everyone sincerely. I hope to use the experience from this year in the future. Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for the support.

#8 – Yuji Funayama
Arriving alongside Miyamoto from Montedio, and immediately taking the #8 shirt there were big hopes that Funayama could come in a fill the hole in the middle of the pitch. It never really worked out, and while he has some excellent technical qualities at times he needs to work on getting into the right place at the right time to use them.
He will be picked up by a club in J2 with few problems, and will be a competent player for the right team.
It has just been a short period of 1 year but thanks for the warm support. Both as a team as as myself I didn’t achieve the goals I set for myself and that is regretful. I want to now use this regret to power myself towards changing things in the future. Thank you for your future support.

#14 – Masakazu Kihara
2013 was a bad season for Kihara in that he was basically injured for the whole season. We don’t have the cash to spare for someone in that situation and he probably now has to take a pay-cut and a drop in level to find a club who will give him 30 games in the season. He needs to make sure he keeps his pace, and learns how to use that pace as his one key attribute.
I was here for just 2 years but feel flattered to have played for a club with the tradition of Avispa. Thank you to all the fans for your support. I had a painful time this season due to injuries, but was heartened by all the encouragement from the fans. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to take advantage of my 2 years at Avispa and use the experience in the future. Thank you for your support.

#18 – Go Nishida
Of the players released I am a little surprised they have let Nishida go. He isn’t the most accomplished player, but he always puts 100% onto the pitch, has scored goals at this level, and is clearly a good person to have around the club.
His touch is terrible at times, and seems to attract yellow cards without ever doing anything nasty, but has scored some good goals for the club.
Is probably 10cm too small to be the good target man striker we need, and doesn’t have the skill or pace to be anything beyond that, but should now have no problem finding a new club and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him score against us next season.
Avispa has taken care of me for 2 years. I was so glad to hear the chant made for me when I scored at Level-5 last year. I would have loved to hear it more and more. It’s a real shame for me that I now won’t. I will now leave Avispa’s future but continue to support. Thank you very much.

#21 – Hiroyuki Omata
I am also surprised that Omata is being allowed to leave the club as we don’t really have any options at left-back and with Min Je and Miyamoto also leaving with surely be seeing some new full-backs.
Omata always did well when he was on the pitch, Defending well, getting forward to provide crosses into the box and being very useful at set pieces, but always had his issues with injury.
His concern at Mizutani when he got injured showed a man who knows what damage can be done to your career and now needs to get fit and get a club who will be happy for 25 really good games a season; unfortunately we need full-backs who can do 35.
Thank you for these 2 years. There have been times when I have been injured, but have been lucky to have the encouragement of everyone around me. We haven’t had good results as a team for the last 2 seasons, but I am very thankful that even in the hard times there was always a warm support at Level-5 stadium. I think that with the support of these fans the future for Avispa is bright. I will work hard to stay active myself. I have nothing decided for the future but hope to move forward with a feeling of gratitude and be picked up by another club. Thank you very much.


Posted November 30, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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