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While I have been over-indulging myself in posting about which players I would keep and release there have also been some off-field news going on which I should have been reporting on…

1) Kanamori and Mishima get called up to the Japan U-20 tour.

Kanamori went to Spain for some tounament earlier in the year which seemed a little unfair on Mishima who had probably been performing better at the time, but this was corrected as they both went on the recent tour to Myanmar.

Obviously most of the credit has to go to the 2 young guys who have put the work in to get there, but also let’s appreciate for a second what Pusnik has done in giving them the time on the pitch to make the steps they have done in their career.
Nothing more needs to be said that that Mishima was listed as a defender on the JFA website, something which would have been impossible without Pusnik saying that maybe he could step up and do something.

Kanamori is getting ames (and won a penalty in the last game), Mishima is the quiet guy who could eventually go on to be the better player.

2) Yuya Mitsunaga gets a call up.
U-18 player Mitsunaga gets brought into the first team, and is someone who has been talked about in Japan youth teams previously.
I know nothing about him, but he is apparently a left-back, and also quite tall which would seem to totally fit what we might need going forward.
His statement on signing: It has been my dream from a young age to be a professional footballer. I will work hard to get into the team and play in front of everyone at Level-5 stadium. I want to be thought of as a player who tries to get forward on the left wing, can overlap, and has good technique with my left foot which can help us towards victory. Thanks for your support.”

3) A new sponsor.
Maybe the most boring, but maybe the most important is that we are getting new sponsors coming into the club.
I am still astonished watching games against clubs like Ehime that they have 30-40 advertising hoardings on every side of the pitch while we have 5-6 and space on our uniform.

That has changed already going into the new season as we have ‘Broad-minded’, some sort of insurance company as our shirt back sponsor.
Any sponsor has to be seen as a good thing, I hope we haven’t been undersold by a desperate chairman in severe financial difficulty, and more than anything hope it means that the ‘Group of Seven’ who have previously been seen as uncooperative are now being a little more open to new investment.


Posted November 22, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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