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In the first bit of good news for the new season it has been officially announced that Pusnik is staying at the club for at least another 12 months.

We haven’t had the greatest season on the pitch, but still have a chance to finish close to the play-off places, which bearing in mind what is happening off the pitch is a decent position.

The reason why it has been greeted as good news by most of the fans, and why Pusnik is overall very popular, is that a lot of the good things from this season have come as a direct result of things that he has done.
The biggest factor of this for me is the confidence and ‘bravery’ to have faith in the younger players. This might seem obvious now that they are our best players, but if a manager puts 18 year olds onto the pitch and it doesn’t work then supporters could quickly start asking why more expensive and experienced players are on the bench.
Pusnik has made it work, and I think that everyone can see that given the right materials he could continue to do it for seasons to come.

The reason that I am most happy is that it would seem to be a sign that things are getting better off the pitch too.
I do not believe that Pusnik would sign up for a longer period at the club if there weren’t assurances that things were going to improve off the pitch. The guy is a winner who doesn’t need to work for Fukuoka, or even in Japan at all if he doesn’t have a project he can throw himself into.
He clearly likes Japan and Fukuoka, but he also doesn’t need to be thousands of miles from his family working for a club sliding into bankruptcy.

For him to have signed a new deal now (especially as it has been available for a while -japoncem” title=”Pusnik” target=”_blank”>http://www.slovenskenovice.si/sport/nogomet/slovenski-poveljnik-ukazuje-japoncem) then it would suggest to me that something has changed.

I’m not going to try and guess what this might be, but there have been lots of rumors of companies coming in to change the structure of the club and wouldn’t be surprised to get more good news quite soon.

Comments from Pusnik on signing for next year (apologies as always if this is inaccurate having gone English->Japanese->English):

“There have been good times and bad times in this last 10 months. The cheering of the supporters has helped me get through the bad times. Sponsors are providing support even in this difficult situation.
In all honesty the last month has been difficult for me, but the energy and warmth of all people associated with the club has made this decision easier.
I totally believe in the potential of Fukuoka, and that we can have a bright future.
I can make no promises about what will happen or results, but I can promise one thing here and now; hard work. I’d like to be a manager in J1 rather than J2, here in Avispa.


Posted November 7, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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  1. Really happy that he has decided to stay with you, and I agree that the decision probably has a lot to do with potential changes in the board strucutre of the club.

    It seems that you are going in the direction (on the playing side of things anyway) that J2 clubs should be going: nurturing younger players, and given them a platform to display their talents & grow with the club. It has never ceased to amaze me that other J2 clubs haven’t seen fit to go along that route – especially when there was no relegation. I suppose it is all about trying to convince people (and by people, I mean casual fans) that even when young players lose, they are progressing. It just takes time.

    Still, hopefully this gives Avispa the boost the fans deserve.

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