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Kamiyama – 7 Didn’t make any great saves, but did everything asked of him. His catching in the box has improved a lot, and now being asked to throw the ball out his distribution has too. Gets a 7 for the clean sheet.

Tsutsumi – 6 Playing in his less favoured left-back role he did ok in defence, and added useful height in the box at the end. Doesn’t offer much going forward, but makes us much more solid at the back.

Oh – 6 I didn’t really understand what he didn’t get a game last year, and having come in and done well it makes it even more of a mystery. Maybe the best athlete at the club.

Koga – 5 Caught out for pace on several occasions, but put in a gutsy performance for a man badly out of form.

Park – 6 Was part of the defence which kept the clean sheet against a promotion chasing team. Nobody really stood out, but they all worked hard together. On the evidence of his 1 free-kick he isn’t the answer to out set-piece problems.

Nakahara – 7 Was passing forward quickly and getting the ball to the attackers. Needs to start seeing himself at least in part as a defender and take credit for the clean sheet.

Mishima – 7 Playing in another new position, this time more centrally he did as well as anyone else in that role. A key player for us now.

Kanakubo – 6 Still quite hot and cold. Can do things which could make him the best player in the division, but then gives the ball away trying to do too much at other times.

Ishizu – 8 Scored the winning goal, and played with the energy we needed to get the fans and players in the right mood. A key reason to get the structure sorted for next year is to get Ishizu convinced that another year in J2 as a key player is the best thing for his career.

Sakata – 7 Battling performance with a key part in the goal. Moved across to left wing when Punosevac came on and kept running.

Kanemori – 7 Looked lively. His movement has improved a lot, and should have had a goal.

Punosevac – 6 I’m still looking for something which will demand he gets a place in the team. Battled for the ball, and helped out in defence at times but fluffed his big chance to score when put through late on.

Nishida – 5 Ran hard to try and help out at the end but just lacks the quality needed at times.

Ushinohama – 6 Didn’t have the chance to do much, but is getting more game time and isn’t letting anyone down.


Posted November 5, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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