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The 90 minute table.   2 comments

There are many things which have been fairly terrible this season:

i) We have only got 4 central midfielders, only 1 (maybe 2; Nakahara, ~Kanakubo) are able to do a job, and 3 central spots.

ii) The club has no money having burned through a couple of million dollars in 3 years (that is money over and above income).

iii) We have a squad of 25+ players (more than allowed to be registered in an English Premier League club), but less than 18 are ever fit and not injured.

But the biggest heart-ache of the season as a supporter is the number of points which have been lost in the last few moments of a game.

vs. Kyoto (91st minute winner)
vs. Mito (93rd minute equaliser)
vs. JEF (93rd minute equaliser)
vs. Kumamoto (101st minute equaliser)
vs. Tokyo Verdy (90th minute equaliser, 94th minute winner)
vs. Matsumoto Yamaga (93rd minute winner)

If you then look at points we have won after 90 minutes: zero.

So how has that affected our season? Well those points in loss-time add up to 11 points.

If you added 11 points to our current league total we would have 59 points and be in 6th place, 1 ahead of Nagasaki who have gained points after 90 minutes.
That would make this season feel very different.

What is the reason for our late conceding of goals? Mental fragility.
What is the solution? I have no idea. It could be said that it is impossible to teach mental strength, but the players need to look at what has happened this season in loss time and think about how things could have been different.

The 90 minute table.

1 ヴィッセル神戸 Vissel Kobe 78
2 ガンバ大阪 Gamba Osaka 77
3 京都サンガF.C. Kyoto Sanga 68
4 ジェフユナイテッド千葉 JEF 65
5 徳島ヴォルティス Tokushima Vortis 64
6 アビスパ 福岡  Avispa Fukuoka 59

7 V・ファーレン長崎 Nagasaki 58
8 松本山雅FC Matsumoto Yamaga55

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