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Kamiyama – 6 Didn’t have much chance for the goal, but also didn’t really make any saves. A couple of good catches for crosses, was trying to organise the defence, and had much better distribution.

Tsutsumi – 7 Wasn’t comfortable at left-back but did much better when moved into the middle after we went down to 10 men. It was his direct pass forward to Ishizu which led to our goal.

Oh – 6 Asked to play as a make-shift centre-back in a 3 after half-time and didn’t let anyone down. Was always an option on the right wing in attack, but only put in one cross of any note which was floated to the back post and not picked out.

Koga – 2 Is that his last ever game. So slow and out of position when he was on the pitch, provided the assist for the Gainare goal when he teed the ball up rather than smashing it, and then just walked off the pitch to be sick with no warning to the manager.

Park – 7 I though ghe did OK today, the pick of our defenders. Gets to the ball with his head when it is in front of him and made some bursts forwards when we were down to 10. Gets turned way too easily.

Nakahara – 7 Held the ball and passed out well for all but one occasion. Could have scored the first goal with a shot from distance and kept running until the end.

Funayama – 5 Tried his best, but that doesn’t really seem to be good enough any more. Doesn’t seem to get along with the referees very much.

Kanakubo – 5 Alternated between being quite effective with the ball at his feet to giving up possession in terrible places time after time. Only seems to play when the ball is in front of him rather than track back to try and regain possession.

Ishizu – 7 Fairly similar to Kanakubo in almost every way. Sometimes dribbles in totally the wrong part of the pitch for absolutely no reason and gives away possession, but sometimes then comes up with a moment to change the game like his goal. Just lacks intelligence on the pitch which a couple more 35 game seasons may give him.

Mishima – 8 Man of the match for me. Kept running all the game, Played on both wings and as full-back. Ishizu and Kanakubo should watch him play; he dribbles at times when it really hurts the opposition even if he isn’t quite at their technical level yet. Who would have thought at the start of the season he’d be our best player by the end of it?

Punosevac – 3 Has never looked as good as he did in his first substitute appearance. Has some good link-up play, but doesn’t really use his height advantage effectively. Maybe harshly sent off, but he had seen the referee was awful and should have been doing everything to avoid giving him a chance to send off the gaijin after he picked up his first yellow.

Omata – 7 If Omata’s knee wasn’t made of glass we would have a real player. He came on, put in crosses, defended well in the box; unfortunately he can’t stay fit.

Nishida – 7 I thought he did ok. Not spectacular but he came on needing to do the running of 2 players and did. Tracks back even if he is terrible at tackling and even then causes problems for the other team.

Ushinohama – 7 This kid can play when he gets into a game. So many of our players seem to crumble when they come off the training ground and into a match situation; Taku raises his game and makes things happen.

I will try to translate Pusnik’s comments from after the match. There is a big danger in translating something from Japanese back into English after it was originally in English as the person who first said it can see it has been translated incorrectly.
Apologies to Mr. Pusnik if this is not what you said! Let me know any mistakes and I’ll correct it!

The 1st half was bad, but we fought back in the 2nd. I feel that we have grown in the last year. I wanted to go out and fight to get an equalizer even though we only had 10 men. I want to say a big thank-you to the players.
The 3 substitutes who came on did very well. I am very grateful for the support from the fans. We are in a difficult situation but they are continuing to support us very well. We are playing our football now for the supporters. I’m always very grateful to them.
It will be good if we can go towards a new, better situation from this painful one. It isn’t important how many times we fall, but that we get back up each and every time.
I want eveyone to work together to make sure Avispa continues to fight in the J-League.

(Original Japanese)

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