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So the story has finally broken to the newspapers; Otsuka himself has come out and admitted that there is a big shortfall in money coming in to money going out, and the club need to find 50 million yen from somewhere before the season’s end to satisfy the J-League’s requirement of being in the black.
They have a rule that if you are running at a loss for 3 seasons you are in danger of losing your J-League licence.

The main reason for this short-fall in revenue seems to be attributed to a lack of sponsorship coming in. This cannot come as any surprise to anyone who has followed the club in recent years. In 2012 we had no shirt sponsor, even now we have only Nishitetsu as a shirt front and Fukuya as a sleeve sponsor. The number of advertising hoardings around the ground is pitiful. Seeing other clubs on TV with electronic advertising boards, we can’t even fill 1 side of the ground with sponsors. News today suggested that the ground may not be called Level-5 for much longer.

While admitting the problem is a step in the right direction it also needs to be accepted that it is the current presidency of the club which has seen us fall from the revenue of J1 to struggling to stay afloat in 3 years.
What needs to happen now is for the current hierachy of the club to step away and allow someone else to come in and run the club properly. They are currently asking for donations of 5000yen to help stabilise the club, but keeping in charge the same people who have burned money for the last 3 years to just do the same again.
I would happily give 5000 yen to a new ownership who I could see moving the club in the right direction, I’d happily give 50000 yen in that situation, but to give money to the same people who have put us in this problem? No thank you.

The biggest issue surrounding the club is that I don’t think it is just me who thinks like this. I live in the city and hear a few rumors from a few business people and they repeatedly say they want to be involved in the club but will have absolutely nothing to do with the people who currently run it.

The club will find the cash to stay running, I have no doubt about that, but what is actually needed for the future of the club in 5/10/15 years times is to remove the current presidency wholescale and to bring in someone the city can get behind and get the club rocking again.


Posted October 16, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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  1. Keep the news coming in – – all info helps… new owners can have 5000 yen from me, too!

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