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Kamiyama – 8 I’m sure he might feel with a clean sheet and 23 shots on goal he deserves a 9 or 10, but I’m still not sure how he managed to keep everything out. Still our Man or the Match.

Tsutsumi – 6 Did ok being asked to play out of the position he has for a while, but got caught on the outside a couple of times and gave little going forward.

Oh – 6 Should have done enough to stay at right-back ahead of Miyamoto, with Mishima possibly coming back at home. Physically great, needs to stay awake and not get drawn out of position.

Koga – 5 Good at corners but generally still too slow in open play. We can’t play a high defensive line with him in the team.

Park – 7 Our best defender. Still caught out a couple of times but was brave in coming out for balls and didn’t stop battling.

Okada – 6 Definitely most comfortable in a defensive midfielder’s role, but is basically playing as Captain. If he could get in the team on merit and do his job of motivating the team we would have a player.

Nakahara – 7 Won the penalty and generally held onto the ball well. I still want to see him run into space with the ball at times to then open up the pass beyond him. Too often sits back and tries to pass to others when the pass isn’t really on.

Mishima – 7 Playing in his more natural midfield position. The most I can say for him is that having started the season looking for 3-4 substitute performances from his rookie season he is now one of the first names on the team sheet.

Kanemori – 6 Lively, but must dribble in the right places. Needs a little more intelligence on the ball, but is young enough to get better.

Sakata – 7 Our best player when he was on the pitch. Didn’t give the ball away, linked play well in a slightly more withdrawn role than in previous games.

Punosevac – 6 I still don’t think he is fit. Not looking as good as he did in his first two games, but I have confidence it will come.

Ishizu – 7 Started off looking a little light-weight, and with poor running off the ball. As the game came to a finish did as much as anyone to kill the time and lay on the final goal.

Funeyama – 6 Very short cameo, but did everything he needed and played with a calmness required.

Nishida – 7 Took his goal expertly, that finish alone will guarantee him a contract somewhere for next year.


Posted October 7, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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