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vs. Kataller Toyama (ratings)   Leave a comment

A bit of a horror show, probably the worst Avispa performance I have ever seen.

Kamiyama : 4 Made one really good stop at the end, and a good block early on the keep it at 2-0, but horrible for the 3rd and let in 4 goals.

Mishima : 5 Worked harder than most other players, and at least looked like he cared a little bit.

Miyamoto : 4 A couple of good tackles playing out of position, but as one of the senior players should be making more of a starting chance.

Tsutsumi : 3 Our best player in the first half of the season he is back to how he was in 2012 now. Doesn’t seem interested at all.

Park : 3 Was trying, but making some mistakes which I would laugh at if I saw them from a pub league player. Passes direct into touch under no pressure?

Nakahara : 5 One of our better players on his return into the team but had absolutely no-one in front of him to work with.

Funeyama : 2 Playing like someone on the Playstation who keeps mixing up their clearance button with their pass button. Clueless.

Jogo : 4 Wanted to be played centrally, couldn’t get anywhere near the ball. I’d have preferred to see him kick someone up in the air and get sent off.

Sakata : 4 Ended up playing in midfield as we really had no other options. Didn’t look comfortable at all.

Ishizu : 5 Did take some shots at goal, but they was more chance of them going out for throw-ins. Looks in serious danger of following Sueyoshi in thinking he has already made it as a footballer because he scored a few nice goals.

Kanemori : 6 Our best player by some distance. Got accused of being a bit indugent and playing for himself, but who should he have passed to? Funeyama? Okada? I understand why he was trying to beat Toyama on his own.

Punosevac : 4 Nowhere near as effective as he had been in previous games, hopefully just due to not being fit rather than not being good enough.

Okada : 3 I don’t understand the point of him, and certainly don’t know how he is on the books of a J1 club.

Ushinohama : 4 Better than what he replaced, but didn’t do anything.

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