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I took an 18 month break from giving match ratings for the players but thought I’d see how I felt about starting again.

Why did I stop?
I could see lots of the players were very limited, but were trying their hardest. I would occasionally meet the players and feel bad if I had given them a 3 for their work the week before.
I have bad weeks at my work, and don’t need anyone making me feel even worse about it by giving me a score about it on the internet.

Why am I starting again?
I think that maybe there are times when some players need a bit of a ‘kick up the backside’.
Lots of the players are getting paid very well for their work, and perhaps look like they are taking it for granted at times this season.
On the other side there are times I want to say well done to someone for playing well; hopefully I will be giving a lot more 8 & 9s than 3 &4s.

Kamiyama – 6 Didn’t stand any chance with either goal. Actually made a block for the second which would have been fantastic had it not immediately been poked beneath him to score.

Jogo – 7 Starting the match in an unfamiliar position he was close to our best player.
Attacking players will be assessed by their goals and assists, and even from a start at right-back he got an assist.
Still needs to start attacking the ball to feet at times.

Oh – 5 I thought he did ok, certainly well enough to get another chance before the end of the season.
Physically got everything and was still running, but needs a little more intelligence which will hopefully come with games.

Tsutsumi – 6 Not his best game, and hasn’t been his best run of games, but that is just because of the standards he set at the start of the season.
If the rest of the defence had stepped up with him we would not have conceded the 2nd.

Koga – 3 This game was embarrassing for him at times, or at least it should be. When having to turn and run it was like he was running in quick-sand, and that was against a couple of strikers who are not really known for their pace. Legs are gone, I hope he doesn’t have another year in his contract.

Park – 5 Nightmare start coming back from suspendion as he slipped and gave away a penalty after 4 minutes. Meant we were chasing the game from there, but improved a lot in the 2nd half.

Okada – 4 Ran around a lot but rarely gets near the ball, and can’t really pass at all.

Kanakubo – 5 Decent chance to core but wasn’t closing the space as effectively as he has recently. Picked up a yellow to miss the next 2 games; if the team gets 2 wins he might find it hard to get back in the team.

Ishizu – 6 Put in a lot of running as always, but with no clear shots on goal. His confidence to shoot is one of his key attributes so if it’s missing there is half the player.

Kanemori – 6 Far more comfortable playing forward of the halfway line where his mistakes are not so costly. Very smart finish, but needs to start dribbling in more dangerous places.

Sakata – 7 You just can’t play when there is a referee like this. Suffered from ‘tallest poppy’ syndrome whereby the referee thought he could get his photo in the paper by blowing his whistle against the most famous player.

Nishida – 5 Didn’t really do much in his time, ended up having to go too deep to get the ball.

Ushinohama – 4 When I young player gets a chance like this he has to do something to make him be in the manager’mind for the next game. Didn’t do anything badly, but didn’t make a difference.

Funeyama – 5 Playing against his previous club I’d expect him to be playing like a man possessed. Didn’t make Yamagata regret losing him in any way.

Posted September 24, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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