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The club have officially announced that Osmar has now left the club to join Ehime on loan for the remainder of the season.
Having come to Avispa exactly a year ago he has had mixed fortunes at the club; an explosive start last season when in a poorly performing team he scored 7 goals in 16 games, and then missing out on a good part of pre-season this year and never really fitting into the team to remain goal-less in 9 games.

dom12090917140003-p1Why it hasn’t really worked out this year is a combination of the tactics we are using this year and the player himself.
Last year we used a front 2 and this is where I think Osmar can do well; he is a goal-scoring forward who likes to run off the last defender onto through balls direct at goal. Working as part of a 2 he can collect flick-ons and work the channels and generally give defenders a bit of a head-ache. This year we are playing a formation which needs a forward who is able to hold the ball up a bit more, bring players from the wings and midfield into play, and be able to attack crosses into the box.
He was never going to be picked ahead of Sakata in this role this year, doesn’t have the flexibility in his game to play as one of the wide forwards, and isn’t as good as Nishida if we choose to utilise a target man.
The other issue is his temperament. His aggressive style of forward play seemed to pick up a yellow card every game meaning he got suspended very early on (after already missing the start of the season due to fitness issues) and then got a red card after the Kumamoto game when he showed the referee his displeasure. I’m not convinced he deserved all those cards, but when he had the chance to make himself undroppable he didn’t really take it.

He is still very popular with the fans, and they will always appreciate the fact that he played with lots of energy and heart every time he stepped on the pitch, and surely give him a good welcome if he comes back to Level-5 stadium.

His leaving message (translation): I thank all the people who have always supported me. I will keep supporting Avispa when I am in Ehime. I want to thank everybody, and really hope that you can promote to J1″.

What I find the most interesting about the transfer is that while Osmar hasn’t played as many games as expected he is still a good goal-scoring, forward for this level and very good to have in the squad. If 2-3 players get injured or suspended then he would be straight into the team, and I don’t believe Pusnik would let him go without good reason.
From the start of the season we have need a taller, powerful striker to act as a target-man for balls into the box, and generally bully defenders with his hold up play. In recent weeks we have taken a look at Tele (and I’m guessing not been overly impressed), and currently have a tall Serbian striker training with the club.
It may well be that this new player has looked like he can do the job needed, but the club have told Pusnik they don’t have the wages to pay him. With Osmar (and possibly the translator) off the wage bill it may now make a new addition possible.

Posted August 13, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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