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Been getting a lot of hits in the past 24 hours with people interested in watching the highlights from yesterday’s game.

I’d shown the really nice compilation made, but there are now extended highlights available which people might be able to get a better idea of what was going on.

Pusnik has obviously been asked a lot about the game, and has been very restrained in his answers bearing in mind what he had to watch for 103 minutes yesterday.

After saying that Mizutani needs a CT scan on his ankle before they know how bad his achilles injury is, he said the game ended up being like 9 vs. 12 and that the referee was acting like the lead guitarist for a rock group trying to be the centre of attention on the front of a stage rather than being someone who shouldn’t be noticed if they are doing their job properly.

I haven’t provided quotes for this (and apologies to Mr. Pusnik if it mistranslated, finding the original English isn’t easy so it’s translated from English to Japanese and back into English!).

I echo his sentiments exactly and have looked up a few more details about the now notorious Takumi Shinoto.
I don’t want to give him any more of the attention he seems to crave apart from to hope that awareness of him will help to ensure he doesn’t referee another game.

My opinion on his decisions:
Okada yellow : A little harsh. It was early in the game. If it had been the 2nd/3rd challenge he’d done like that I’d agree, but it was his first.

Nakahara yellow : I had a much better view at the game than the highlights. Nakahara got a huge part of the ball first, no foul; definitely no yellow.

Nishida yellow 1 : It was a clumsy rather than malicious challenge, a forward’s tackle, you might expect the referee to make allowances but can’t complain too much about the yellow.

Tsutsumi yellow : At the time it looked like Tsutsumi got a touch on the ball, but the replay suggests it may have been a very small one. Can’t complain too much based on the replay.

Nishida yellow 2 Crazy decision (someone please check if he’s had a big deposit into his bank from Hong Kong). I thought he must be stopping for a foul on Nishida, but then sent him off. I still don’t know why after watching the replay.

Park yellow : He got caught on the ball and did what he needed to after his mistake. Correct yellow.

Kanemori yellow : If Kanemori doesn’t go for that ball he shouldn’t be playing as a striker. He pulls his legs away, rather than ‘take a piece’ of the keeper. No yellow.

Koga yellow : Maybe the craziest yellow of the lot. Fabio clearly moved to run and lunge into the back of Koga, I wish the highlights showed it better.

Osmar red : A stupid thing to do, and probably is a red based on some new law of the game, but after going through that game was understandable and nothing more than every fan in the stadium wanted to do.

I’d already heard he’d already apparently spolied a game between Tochigi and Ehime this season by being biased towards Ehime and leading to a 3-0 Ehime win, and that he’d sent off a Machida player after 2 minutes in the JFL this season.
Looking further here are his stats from the 2011 season in the JFL…

23rd April : Yellow 6, Red 1
3rd May : Yellow 6, Red 1
15th May : Yellow 5
12th June : Yellow 7
26th June : Yellow 5
7th August : Yellow 7, Red 2
7th September : Yellow 6
24th September : Yellow 7
22nd October : Yellow 7, Red 1
2nd November : Yellow 3
20th November : Yellow 8, Red 3

Your product is being damaged J-League.

You need to bring supporters back to the domestic game, but can’t expect them to waste their time and money through the actions of one person.


Posted June 2, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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  2. The more I think of this incident, the more I feel the J.League has some serious problems with their referees. We need better supervision, training, or whatever is needed to make these intolerable incidents disappear.

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