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Kataller Toyama 1 : 2 Avispa Fukuoka.
13′ Ishizu, 14’Kokeguchi, 83′ Funeyama

Avispa stayed in touch with th eteams in the play-off spots by getting a good away victory against Toyama.
It wasn’t the prettiest of results, but any away victory is good and will hopefully start us off on a run of wins against some of the lower level teams in the division.

It was a game with lots of positives, but also not an over-whelming success….

Positive 1: We got an away win in the pouring rain, in what can be a quite awkward stadium to play at.

Negative 1: It was never a very convincing victory against what were probably the worst opposition I have seen so far this season.

Positive 2: Like our last away victory against Yokohama FC we played a few players who are probably considered on the fringe of the squad, rather than the biggest wage earners. They all did OK, and the team had a very youthful look to it in some corners.

Negative 2: It is possible to tinker with the team too much. While some level of rotation is good I think the team need a spell of consistency and playing together to get comfortable in the new tactic and formation.

Positive 3: We finally scored a corner! After a whole season of floating ineffective balls at the far post we had one whipped to the near post and scored. We tried different things at corners and looked a lot more threatening.
Then we scored from a free-kick for the first time in a long time too.

Negative 3: We scored from 2 set pieces but didn’t make a lot of clear chances from open play against poor opposition. The weather will have played a part, but there still should have been more.

Positive 4: We had a pefectly good goal from Nishida ruled out for off-side, and at least one other occasion when Kanemori was ruled off-side when a defender was standing right next to him and impossible not to see. Fortunately this game the referee’s decision didn’t cost us points.

Negative 4: We still seem to be getting a lot of calls against us. These things are supposed to even out over a season, but it does seem we aren’t popular with referees.

Positive 5: Osmar looked quick, powerful, and played a couple of very nice touches; one back-heel to Ishizu in particular was great and should have led to a goal.

Negative 5: Having got himself fit and forced himself into the manager’s plans he is now suspended (although it is only against Gifu so may be a positive).

Positive 6: Ishizu keeps scoring, he certainly does have a knack for getting goals.

Negative 7: Again at the end of the game he gave the ball away far too easily when we just needed to keep possession. I don’t know if he is tired, or nervous, or lacking concentration, but he needs to add ball retention to his game.

My Man of the Match : Mizutani

Seems to be happening a lot recently, but once again he made 2-3 saves which saved what looked to be certain goals. Once in a 1-on-1, and twice from headers from crosses at point blank range.


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