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Avispa 0 – 1 Consadole

The result of this game would say a lot about how Pusnik could feel about his first month in the job. A win and it could be considered a really good start from the teams we have played, a draw and it would be a fairly average start, a defeat, at home against a team who’ve won only 1 game all season and it could be seen as something of a mini-crisis.

After 45 minutes if someone had said we would go on to lose the game I’d have been shocked.
Having weathered a couple of storms, including having one goal against wiped out for offside (which I thought looked to have been ok) we were completely controlling the game.
There was always the chance of a goal by Sapporo on the counter, like with the offside goal when Okada gave the ball away on half-way with the full-backs pushed up, but it seemed like just a matter of time until we would score.

We looked a much, much better team with 2 proper full-backs on the pitch, and Miyamoto and Min Je were our best players, and looked most likely to lead to a goal.
The midfield was much better balanced, and MinJe’s attacking runs showed why he must be in the team.
Unfortunately for all the endeavor there was no cutting edge. Jogo hit the bar from a header at the back post, but apart from that we didn’t really test the Sapporo keeper; a fact made all the much worse in that he looked terrible.

I don’t really understand how Kanakubo can spend 10 minutes of pre-match warm-up rifling shots into the top corner of the net from outside the box, but then in a game doesn’t even take a shot when in a similar position.

I wasn’t concerned because such was our dominance we were going to score, and at times it was our best performance of the season; albeit one which lacked quality in the final third.
With subs to come on I felt sure that somewhere between Funayama, Kanemori and Nishida we could nick a goal, with 1 goal leading to 2-3 more.

Unfortunately we got hit with a similar sucker-punch to that which we beat Verdy with on the opening day.
Pushing forward to attack with the 3 substitutes brought on we nearly took the lead after Kanemori tricked a defender in the box and played a ball to Nishida whose shot deflected back to Funeyama, who in turn had has shot blocked.
The ball made it’s way to the other end and a cross from the left wing found an attacker again slipped away from the left back (although this time being Min Je rather than Okada as in the last 2 games). His initial shot was saved well by Kamiyama but Miyazawa scored from the rebound.

With 20 minutes still to play we finished the match playing against 10 men after the impressive Nara was sent off after kicking the ball away when we were trying to push forward on a quick free-kick. It looked like we may be able to get a point, but still struggled to convert chances and left with nothing for the 3rd match in a row.

My Man of the Match – Takuya Miyamoto

Again I though the right-back was our best player. Kazuki played well again, and Kim Min Je would have also had a chance in his first game of the season but for not being close enough for the goal, but we need the forwards to start looking like they can win us a game.


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