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No clips on youtube again, but this time the video compilation site has embedded a clip from nicovideo so you don’t need to log-in to watch anything.

Just follow this link and you can see the highlights.

Click to watch highlights.

1st Goal : Avispa 1 : 0 Kyoto Sanga

A good run from Miyamoto down the right, and the low cross into the box which we have been using a lot this year.
A very clever dummy by Kanemori and Ishizu hits it first time into the bottom corner for a nice goal.

2nd Goal : Avispa 1 :1 Kyoto Sanga

It came at a really bad time; if we’d held on til half-time I think we could have got a straightforward win.
Getting possession in the left-back position, and with a midfielder playing out of position the Kyoto winger cuts inside and scores past the near post. I think Kamiyama will probably feel he should have saved it.

Sending off – Tsutsumi
In a gin stoked haze at the match I thought it was definitely a good tackle. Watching it back here it probably was a foul.
Whether Tsutsumi is definitely the last man is another question.

Avispa 1 : 2 Kyoto

For the second time in the match we conceded in injury-time, and this time it cost us the points.
Hatamoto had done well after coming on, but a long diagonal ball again found Okada up against an attacker and not being able to deal with it.

My Man of the Match – Kazuki Yamaguchi
i was too drunk to remember to write this yesterday, but thought Kazuki had his best game for us.
When he is just trying to get in the way of things, or be tackling players 1-on-1 he is a good defender.

Official man of the Match – The guy who scored Kyoto’s winner.
He’d only been on the pitch 20 minutes and done nothing else but I guess that is what happens if you get the winning goal.


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