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I’m not going to talk about anything specific about the match because there are things I don’t want to help Tokyo Verdy with anything, andthe result isn’t really of importance more what you can learn from the experience.

1) The team needs to stick to the game plan.
In the first 15 minutes of the game Avispa looked amazing. Attacking at speed down the wings, quick interplay between forwards and full-backs and passing around the Consadole defenders.
When Avispa hit the crossbar (Kihara) it didn’t seem to matter as it would only be a matter of time until we did score.

From this good start they seemed to revert back to last season with passes being played around defence, long balls over-hit when in desperation as the got closed down, and high deep crosses.

Watch the video back and see that the game-plan was working, and it needs to be followed.

2) Let Kim Min Je head the ball.
If they need evidence that he can put himself about then watch the challenge on Tele mid-way through the first half.
Against a tall, and wide, foreign striker he challenged and won the header and set off what was out best move of the match between Kanemori and Ushinohama.
You don’t need to get a full clean header on the ball to compete in the air so long as you can get bodies for the 2nd ball.
Tsutsumi moved across for a couple of long balls, but this just leaves a huge gap in the middles of the pitch.

3) Miyamoto is going to have a tough season.
Last season we had no right-backs. This season we have 1 and he is going to have to play a hard pressing game, and be expected to add to attacks for pretty much all of 46 games.
The game plan in place means that last year’s stand-in Tsutsumi is going to struggle to fill that role, and today we ended the match with 18 year old midfielder Mishima playing there.
He looks like a tough guy, going through a really tough hit as he collided body to body with a guy in the air late on. While his opponent was winded on the floor he seemed to shake off what must have hurt like hell. It showed that he he had got injured today what we have done next week?

4) We don’t need #17
There was a trialist playing for us today. He appeared to be a Brazilian guy, and was playing right wing.
He did OK, and was clearly good enough to play at J2 level, but I think any additions to the squad from now should be players who are actively improving the team.
Should this guy come to the club he didn’t look to be significantly better than Jogo, Ushinohama, or Kihara in that role.
If we get anyone else in then let’s try to get a right-back, a central defender, or a tall target striker.

5) Things could be worse.
We could have Consadole’s #19 Tele playing for us as we go into the new season.
I don’t know who this guy is, or where he came from but he was awful; like an overweight version of Ramazzotti.
I don’t know where Consadole are getting their Brazilian lumps from (they can surely still remember Diego), but just because a guy is big and Brazilian doesn’t mean he is Davy.


Posted February 24, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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