Pusnik’s problems #5 – The cult of Jogo   Leave a comment

Having come into any club any sensible manager needs to be aware of the status quo, and make allowances for it within his (her) plans.
There are numerous examples of a manager coming in and trying to make a statement by upsetting the ideas of what has gone before, but I can think of very few which have ended well.

This brings up the subject of Hisashi Jogo. A player so phenomenally technically talented, and able of unadulterated genius that I have seen him admired from followers of the J-League at every level, and even talked about as a player who could play for Japan.
In addition to this praise he is also a 1-club man, a local boy (from Kurume), and someone who has stayed at the club despite known interest from other clubs.

It would seem that he should always be the first name on the team-sheet from this description, but I worry that for a new manager who wants to increase the energy and pressure high on the pitch and play with players who don’t look for time on the ball he could be seen as something of a luxury.

I really hope not, and hope that in training he has been putting the work in to show he enjoys what may be a more drill/formation intensive western style.
But, if he has looked at times like he might not be worth a start I’d say to Pusnik to make space for him. This is someone who can’t be on the bench. If he needs a little extra shield to ‘carry his water’ then find it because Jogo IS Avispa Fukuoka at the moment.


Posted February 6, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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