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#9 – Osmar A hard-running, direct, goal-scoring Brazilian in the model of Ronaldo, he came to the club mid-season last year and scored about 1 goal in 2.
Out biggest goal threat from when he arrived he plays with high energy, closing down defenders from high up the pitch and causing mistakes. He snatched at a lot of his chances last season, and would have hoped to do better but coming in mid-season to a new country he will hopefully be a little more relaxed from now.
There was a question mark about whether he would stay due to his family not being over here, but his wife is Japanese in origin and hopefully this is now sorted.

#10 – Hisashi Jogo The icon of the club, most popular player, and biggest seller of shirts.
A hugely gifted, technical player he can score goals of the absolute highest quality, and almost always seems to score goals which should be goal of the season. Unfortunately he can certainly be classified as a ‘scorer of great goals’ rather than a ‘great scorer of goals’, as he doesn’t really get into positions to score the easy ones. For this reason he isn’t consistent enough in a strikers role alone.
Can sometimes drift out of games and go missing, waiting for the ball on the right, but when he does get the ball magical things can happen.

#11 – Daisuke Sakata The player with the best pedigree at the club, having once played as a striker for the Japan National Team after nearly a decade in J1 with Marinos.
Started last season looking incredible, scoring a goal a game, and at a level that J2 defenders couldn’t handle. Then got injured and when he came back from injury seemed wrapped up with the general melancholy at the club and lost all form.
Lost all composure in front of goal, but is hopefully just a change in mood away from becoming the player he was at the start of last season.

#18 – Go Nishida A trier, and a very friendly team-mate to have around the club. WIll always give his best, and could be useful this season in a spear-head, target type striker which we don’t really have elsewhere.
Doesn’t really have technical ability matching the rest of the squad, and his first touch is probably not good enough for quick passes to feet, but possibly effective at holding the ball up and getting flick-ons to the wing.

#24 – Takeshi Kanemori A new kid, straight from High School. Looked much like you would expect from a young striker, small, quick feet and full of tricks.
Will hopefully get a few chances to try and play without fear in a League setting and make a few old defenders have a hard day trying to get near him.

#26 – Yuta Mishima From what very little I’ve seen of him was very similar to Kanemori. Small, quick, good feet and willing to run at some older players and try to embarrass them. Should get a couple of chances as a sub this season.


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