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Continuing the list of players at the club for 2013.

#3 – Ryu Okada Brought into the club from J1 last season and never looked anything like a player of that standard.
Technically and physically quite limited he was asked to play in a volante-type role within a playmaker based system, and was never going to be able to do it.
What he does have his a very good awareness of his limitations, excellent team-work, and what seems like a very good footballing brain. If asked to play in a destructive, defensive shield position, able to releases others to make the play he could be a key player.

#7 – Jun Kanakubo A plyer brough in from Omiya for this season he will be expected to be one of our main players in central midfield.
As somewhere we have been very weak he will have a lot of pressure to do well, and hopefully change things around for the team this season.
The fans seem to think he is the best player to have come in, and certainly looked very comfortable on the ball and with good movement when I saw him.

#8 – Yuuji Funayama I don’t recall seeing him when playing for Montedio, but that was a very functional team so he should be able to work hard and not let the team down.
Presumably set to start the season in central midfield having arrived from Yamagata, he played in a slightly attacking role in the first training session.

#14 – Masakazu Kihara Signed on a permanent deal after being on loan last season, he is a very quick, small player who seems to have a good knack of breaking into the box at the right time.
Scores a wonder-goal last season from about 40 yards, but didn’t seem to be willing to try it very often.
Has so much speed, but often doesn’t really use it, allowing himself to be shepherded back into the middle.

#16 – Daisuke Ishizu The bright point of last season, he got most of his chances as a left winger but has a real willingness to run with the ball, in a direct manner different to everyone around him last season.
Confident to shoot when anywhere near the goal, and never stops running.
Sometimes tried to do too much with the ball at his feet, but with experience may well be the first name on the team sheet by the end of this season.

#20 – Shuto Nakahara Brought in from a University team this year he looks comfortable on the ball, and is going to get a lot of guidance this year in playing early balls forward to runners.
Seems young enough and intelligent enough that he could do ok.

#27 – Jan Jon Won Very young player brought over from Korea; it would be interesting to know his idea for leaving his homeland so young.
Similar to Nakahara he looked good on the ball, and had some nice bits of skill but can’t be expected to use this season for anything much beyond getting experience and used to Japanese League football.

#28 – Taku Ushinohama The big young star of 2011 where he got first team chances in J1, used them to play with energy and fearlessly, but then got no chances in 2012.
As with all players his age he can’t have too much pressure too soon, and will be inconsistent with his performances but should get games as a winger.


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3 responses to “Squad Review – Midfield

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  1. Looks like our old player Nagai off to Standard Liege!

    • I’d seen the rumour, players of that age and standard do seem to now have a career pathway that they move to Europe at about that age.

      If he gets games then Liege could be good as a stepping stone, but I’d put him a bit higher than them.

      After Arsene Wenger said Japan is the place to go shopping these days I can see more people taking a look.

      • It was good to hear abt his move, though just thought it a shame we couldn’t hold on to him for a little bit longer…

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