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Having had the squad numbers drawn up for the new season I thought I’d list and review our squad for the new season.


#1 – Ryuichi Kamiyama : Potentially one of the better keepers in the division, definitely for shot-stopping where he uses his size well.
Needs to work on using his size better when coming for crosses, and has fairly poor kicking. Makes 2-3 horrible mistakes a season.
Reminds me a bit of Heurelho Gomes at Tottenham; could be a match-winning keeper, but consistency is so important for a goalkeeper and his defenders.

#23 – Yousichi Mizutani Coming to the club from Kyoto where he played most of their games last season. A well established keeper with good communication and probably at the peak age for a goal-keeper. I think he should be the first-choice keeper.

#25 – Eita Kasagawa A totally solid, young 3rd choice goal-keeper. Has grown and bulked up well in the last couple of seasons nad will hopefully keep getting the odd chance to gain experience.


#2 – Kim Min Je : A very good left-back for this division when allowed and encouraged to get forward. The only part of last season which went well (the first 5 games) were mostly down to him getting forward and putting crosses into the box.
Defensive positioning is less good, but when you have a player running the length of the pitch 15 times a game that’s pretty much expected.

#4 – Takuya Miyamoto : A new player from Montedio Yamagata. Has lots of experience, and should be looking to be first choice right-back. Seemed happy to get forward from what I’ve seen.

#5 – Masahiro Koga : Brought back to his hometown club after a long spell in the top division he can’t have been happy with what happened last year.
Probably the best organiser of the defence, and useful in the air, but possibly on the edge of his legs going.

#6 – Kazuki Yamaguchi A defender who relies on getting himself in the way rather than being a cultured shepherder of the play. Useful, if he is used as a solid stopper and not asked to track forwards with good movement or pass the ball out.
Was being told to move across and head for Min Je at left-back at times last year, obviously just leaving a huge hole in the middle of the pitch; very strange. Shouldn’t be moving away from Koga at all when they are playing.

#13 – Park Gon A young defender, but one who looks tall and very competent. Unlikely to get a chance straight away, but will hopefully be introduced to the league and team as the season goes on.

#19 – Shunsuke Tsutsumi Very frustrating player. Looks to have absolutely everything as a player, strength, speed, technique, but often just doesn’t seem to care enough to be in the right position or try as hard as he could.
If he sorts out his attitude, maybe just by being in a winning team, he could be a great player.

#21 – Hiroyuki Omata A good player, and defensively probably our best option at full-back. Adds height to defence, and doesn’t ever let the team down.
Not that exciting going forward, but a good option to have if a game needs to be closed down.

#22 – Tokio Hatamoto I really rate Hatamoto. He was thrown into the team earlier than maybe would have been expected, but showed himself very strongly. Not the biggest defender, but reads the game well, gets in front of his attacker and doesn’t avoid the physical side of the game.


Posted January 15, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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