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Having been busy getting a playing staff which now looks quite solid, and is unlikely to have many more additions the club is now announcing coaching staff to support the team in 2013.

3 of these are staff who were at the club last year; Head coach Futoshi Ikeda, 1st team coach Satoru Yoshida, and Goalkeeping coach Ken Ishikawa. They all arrived last year, and probably weren’t very pleased with the results of their work.
Hopefully they have seen a few places they can improve, and at least they know the club and the players and can have some continuity from last year to now.

A more interesting appointment is that of Tsuyoshi Takano, a native of Fukuoka but someone who has lived overseas for the last 20 years. After a playing career in America he started coaching in the American leagues before returning to Japan at Sanfrecce and then moving onto England.
Picking up experience in some lower leagues he got a big break by moving to Southampton after they signed Tadanari Lee, and stayed with the club as they got promotion to the Premier League and signed Maya Yoshida.
It must have been a very good club to work at having had an intelligent manager (Nigel Adkins) who guided the club to 2 promotions in 2 years.

It is fairly clear that he has been brought in to help with the language situation between Pusnik and the players, but I am very optimistic that someone with his experience of different styles and exposure to talented players could be hugely useful to the club.

I’ll try to translate his joining comments, but apologise to Mr. Takano who will be able to see where I have translated it badly.
“I am very proud to be able to work as a coach and interpreter in my home town club in Fukuoka. I want to fight alongside the fans and do my best for all the fans and supporters.
I think that Avispa Fukuoka should be looking to quickly get back to J1, and I want to help in this with my experience, translation, conditioning, and guidance.
In particular by communicating the ideas of the manager, and helping as a coach to improve the physical condition of the players so they can maintain physical fitness through the year and be able to work better as players.
Thanks, and I hope for your support.

Good Luck Mr. Takano!


Posted January 11, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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