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Another busy day for Avispa, with 3 out of 4 players moving being players who will/would have been considered first team players.

The squad is starting to take shape, and only really needs a couple more central midfielders, and a right-back to be finished apart from a few back-up and promising players to add some polish to a solid squad.

Toshiya Sueyoshi
Suzuki Jun looked like he thought he was better than he was last season, but nowhere near the level of Sueyoshi.
A mediocre midfielder who was lucky to be alongside Nakamachi in his first season he made the ridiculous decision to wear the #7 shirt. That sums up his Avispa career for me; someone who thinks he is a classy, flair player who can dictate the game, but in reality is someone who needs to (but doesn’t) run their heart out every game, and throw themself into tackles to make up for their distinct averageness in every other area.
When he won Rookie of the Year in 2010 I thought it might be the worst thing for him as he would think he was the finished player, and so it proved to be as he got worse from that season. A player who reached his peak aged 22 in his first season.
It is pretty much fitting he went to the tinpot, agricultural team down Route 3. I have no idea what player they think they are getting, Sueyoshi obviously thinks he can do a job in J1 when he was distinctly JFL standard for all of last season.
I hope he enjoys wearing the baby-blue/baby-pink combo of world football’s worst dressed team.

Here he is wearing the 2013 Sagan Toss Uniform.

Oh Chan Hyon
The Korean right-back has gone to new J2 club V-Caren Nagasaki.
I always thought he looked really exciting and full of tricks when he came on for Avispa, but was clearly not rated by someone at the club as he didn’t even get a game when we had absolutely noone to play at right-back and stuck Kobara out there.
I thought he must have gone home or something, but he turned up at the last match ‘celebration’ to remind the Avispa fans what he looked like.
Leaving quote “I’m sorry I was just here for one year and didn’t have much chance to contribute to the team. I’m very grateful that in the few games I did play I could hear the supporters calling my name. It was an unforgettable year, Thanks to the fans and supporters.”

With a defender and a midfielder leaving there are also two arring, and they both come from the same club; Montedio Yamagata.
While they are not glamorous names or signings, I’m pleased to welcome players from Yamagata as from all the clubs I saw last season they were the best drilled club, and seemed to have a group of players who were working to maximise everything they could towards results.
A little more grit, and forcing results when we aren’t playing well is exactly what the team needs.

Miyamoto Takuya
tm Listed as a defender, he is also quite versatile being able to play along the right wing or even in the middle. At 165cm and right-footed I guess he is being looked at as the solution to our right-back problems, hopefully he is quite quick and tricky as someone who can also play as right midfield and together with Min Je we can have a pair of attacking full-backs.
Being picked up by Cerezo Osaka from University before moving to Yamagata he has played over 100 games at J1 level and looks to be a solid signing who will go straight into the first team at right-back.
Joining quote : “From this season I’ve decided to play for Avispa Fukuoka. I want to work hard to show the power that we all have. Thank you for your support.

Yuji Funayama
treasure-box_fo1102-014As well as right-back we really needed to get an experienced Central midfielder, and have signed a second player from Montedio Yamagata, their #8 Yuji Funayama.
Listed as a stright central midfielder he is someone who has been able to score goals at J2 level (7 in 42), and will hopefully add some composure and strength to the middle of the pitch.
Along with Miyamoto he isn’t someone who I have heard of before, but having been surrounded by good players at Kashima, Cerezo and Montedio in J1 for 5 of his years as a pro he will hopefully be exactly the sort of midfield presence we need.
Joining quote: “Nice to meet you, I’m Yuji Funayama. I want to work at my absolute maximum to achieve promotion in December, and laugh together. I hope for cheers and happiness at Avispa Fukuoka.”

Please play this team! (signed players so far)
Min Je….Koga……Hatamoto…Miyamoto

Bench: Kamiyama, Kazuki, Omata, Nakahara, Ushinohama, Ishizu, Nishida


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