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Avispa will probably be hoping to get most of their off season business done this week to have a squad ready for the annual prayer and first training of the season.
4 people know where they will be playing, with 3 staying and 1 notable name leaving.

Naruoka Sho
Things haven’t really worked out for Naruoka at Avispa. He arrived as someone who was going to take the club to the next level, with caps for Japan at age group level, Olympic pedigree, and fantastic technical skill in both feet.
After his first season he stayed for another as he said he felt guilty that Avispa hadn’t seen the best of him, and then had a season which was probably worse than his first.

As I’d said previously he needs to have a team built around him, and the freedom to float around, and maybe he sees he could get that at Albirex Niigata.
They have a big space in their team as Micheal has now gone, and I have few doubts that Naruoka could have a very good season with the slightly slower pace and better team-mates around him up on the North-west coast.

If he does have a great season it doesn’t mean we were wrong to let him go, and having kept Jogo I fully support the decision to let him go. He is something of a luxury player, as is Jogo, and I’m not sure that the competitive stage of J2 allows 2 players like that in the same team.
Good luck to him.
Leaving quote: “I’m leaving to go to Albirex Niigata at this time. It was a short 2 years, but I thank you for the warm support during this time. In these 2 years I don’t feel the team, or myself have performed as well as we could, and I am sorry to the supporters for this.
I feel a little lonely to leave the team, but will try to grow as a player. I think this is something the players who leave Avispa experience.
I’ll work hard to grow, and feel very proud to have been an Avispa Fukuoka player. Thank you for supporting Naruoka Sho.

While 1 significant name leaves, 3 others stay.

Hiroyuki Omata
I’m quite surprised that Omata has stayed, but also think it is a good move for both sides.
He wouldn’t be good enough to get a regular game at Cerezo, and is a good standard for J2 having been our best player in a couple of games last season.
My only concern is that there may be the situation again of being played ahead of Kim Min Je, who has the potential to be the best left-back in the division.
Omata undoubtedly has better defensive qualities, especially in adding height to the back line, but we should be looking to be one of the best attacking teams in this division and making other teams worry about us (and Min Je in particular) rather than taking a more defensive option.
A solid player who won’t let us down.

Shunsuke Tsutsumi
I’m even more surprised to see Tsutsumi get another contract. For large parts of last season he looked like he really wasn’t bothered; not just about Avispa, but about being a professional footballer in general.
To look at the guy physically, and watch some of the things he does it is very frustrating as he could be a top J1 player, but is just so lackadaisical about other things, like positioning and tracking back he is throwing away his chance.
He always looks like a player who if he gets the right manager, or grows up a bit, then he could suddenly snap and be amazing. Let’s hope that Pusnik, and 2013 is his wake-up call.

Tokio Hatamoto
I’d have been annoyed if we hadn’t signed Tokio, for me he was the bright point of last season (along with Ishizu).
Currently out injured with stress fractures I believe, he could be a very important player for us if given the chances and support from Koga to develop.
Being a young defender he will make a few horrible mistakes (I think it was Tochigi last year where he made one) but I have no doubt that with support he will learn from them, as opposed to someone like Kobara who seemed to have his mistakes as well developed habits.
Shouldn’t be rushed, especially if he has a growth related injury, but will hopefully be first choice centre-back by the end of the season.

Beyond those 4 official names there are also rumours going around that Kihara is going to stay, and that Sueyoshi might be going to Sagan Toss.


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