Pusnik’s problems #3 – Offensive corners.   Leave a comment

The previous 2 problems I listed (#1:What to do with Naruoka, #2:Sorting the midfield) don’t look much closer to being sorted, but there have been good things happening elsewhere at the club.

This 3rd problem is one which I’m hoping that getting a European manager in will very quickly be seen as something which a bit of hard work in training can gain huge rewards.

Last season it was only in the 4th to last game that we tried any sort of variation at a corner when a short corner routine was used, before that every single corner had seen both central defenders come up to the box and Suzuki Jun aim a ball towards Koga at the back post.
If this had yielded lots of goals I’d understand why it was being used all the time, but as far as I can remember we didn’t score from this corner all season.
In fact we conceded at least 5 goals from our own corners as the ball was easily dealt with and quickly countered to score while our defenders were still upfield.

This is in comparison to the season where we got promoted where Nakamachi and Genki seemed to score from corners almost every other game. Nakamachi directly with his head, Genki being very good in penalty box scrambles.

We need to have at least 5 different routines for corners, both to try and score, but also to stop being scored against from counter-attacks.

1) Back post. The corner we used all of last season is Ok as one option, but with both centre-backs pushed forward they need to be getting onto the ball more regularly than they managed last season. Attacking the ball it needs to go out of touch at the least to give time to recover. If it doesn’t then someone probably needs to do a foul.

2) Front post. Far easier than trying to land a ball on the back post, and then get a successful connection heading back across goal is a whipped free-kick to the near post. Having someone with good timing and a good jump is more important than just height as Nakamachi showed 3 seasons ago.

3) ‘Tottenham’ corner We used to do this about once a game, but has now almost totally disappeared. A rolled ball to the front of the penalty box for someone to run onto and hit first time across goal. I don’t think we ever actually socred from this, but as a tool to make the opposition think a bit when defending corners it was very good.

4) Short corner – whip Just something as simple as changing the angle of delivery would have changed things last season. I have no idea why Avispa have never done this; I’ve seen Suzuki Jun score 3 goals direct from a corner in recent seasons, if he had that ability why not give him a bit more angle.

5) Short corner – triangle To go along with option 4, having pulled a defender out of the box to play a 1-2 around him and drive towards the box. With options to then shoot, pass along the box to a man in the D, or cross to the back post it opens a whole new set of options.
At the least having a few short corner routines pulls defenders out of the box. At least 2 if the triangle routine can be practiced.


Posted January 6, 2013 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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