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I was quite surprised that Sakata stayed at the club, I’m even more surprised that Jogo stayed for another year.

It makes total sense, but as a highly admired player he definitely would have had offers to move clubs; he was linked to FC Tokyo, Ventforet Kofu, and strongly to Sanfrecce Hiroshima at various times, but has stayed for another year at his hometown club.

I think it is a very good idea for Jogo. At Avispa he is idolised, and will be even more so after staying for another year, and the crowd will defend him pretty much regardless of what he does on the pitch.
He is an amazing talent, and his stats for last season were his best ever (12 goals in 41 games) but he can sometimes go missing from games. While Avispa fans can forgive this as they know what else he can do, I don’t know if fans at another club would be so understanding.

As someone who can go missing from time to time he is a bit of a luxury player, which will be absolutely fine if he has players around him to ‘carry the water’.
Last season this didn’t happen as Suzuki Jun also wanted to be indulged, as did Naruoka. With Suzuki Jun gone there is more room for Jogo, and I would also now say Naruoka is also too much of a luxury (although Okada staying for another year makes me think Naruoka will too).

The other small problem with Jogo now staying is where to play him. Scoring 12 from the right wing it would seem to make sense to keep him there, but that then makes the midfield light. Playing up front he tends to drift out to the wing, which can leave a blunt edge up front.

Jogo staying is a huge positive, but I think the formation now has to be built around him, and where he can do what he does without damaging the structure of the team.
For me, he think he has to play as an inside-right type winger, which brings me back to the Mourinho-esque 433 formation I thought was what we needed for all of last season.

It means that some of the strikers are going to be disappointed to be on the bench, and that there is a greater need to now get central midfielders, but I am sure that this is the formation to get us promotion right now.

Use this formation please!


Bench: Kamiyama…Ushinohama…Ishizu…Nishida

Posted December 30, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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