Suzuki Jun leaves, Sakata stays.   Leave a comment

A busy day for deals, but they need to start happening quickly, quite a few good players are starting to get signed up now and Avispa are looking a little thin (Shigematsu to Ehime?? I’d have loved to see him back at Level-5).

I’m still waiting for player movement which will make me think someone at the club doesn’t know what they are doing, as again both these deals are ones which I think are really, really good for the club.

Suzuki Jun
This is the deal which some people are going to be upset about as Jun has been at the club since he was a kid, and was even given the Captaincy for the second half of last season.
He’s a player who has promised so much, and along with Jogo is one of the homegrown players, but I feel he hasn’t really progressed.
He leaves to go to Tokyo Verdy, and I’m not sure if he is going to find life easy up there.
2 seasons ago I was calling for him to get more chances as his left foot is capable of greatness, but he hasn’t really matured the rest of his body to go along with that. Physically games pass him by, and I think the only way to make up for his lack of height and pace is to add some bite into his tackles. At the moment he seems to look at himself as some sort of Iniesta type creator, but he just doesn’t have the skill unfortunately.
It means we have even more need to buy 3 solid central midfielders, but at least they don’t have to compete against a home-town boy who thinks he’s better than he is.
Leaving quote: I’ve decided that next season I’ll play at Tokyo Verdy. Avispa have helped me for the last 15 years since joining the club as a 9 year old, with 6 years as a professional. It wasn’t an easy decision to choose to leave the club which helped me for so long.
I am very thankful for the great stadium, warm support from the fans and colleagues who have fought together. I want to thank everyone for the 15 years together at Avispa.
I hope for the future development of Avispa Fukuoka.

Daisuke Sakata
While Suzuki Jun leaving isn’t good news (or particularly bad news) I think the continuance of Daisuke Sakata is really good news.
He started last season like a train, and was level with Davi for goals until an injury and subsequent loss of confidence stopped his season.
He is a class player who if the team can supply balls to his feet in the correct area will be the best striker in the division.
I’m surprised he stayed as someone of his quality would have had opportunities elsewhere, but he is clearly behind Avispa and the fans will cheer him to goals next year.
He is an option on the left wing, but at this level I still think he should play through the middle as he should be able to score a lot of goals.

2013 team
It means that we are now sorted for goalkeepers (Mizutani, Kamiyama, Kasagawa) and strikers (Sakata, Nishida, Osmar, Ishizu) and now just need to sort out the defence and midfield. A big job.

Possible team from signed players.



Posted December 28, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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