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More player movement, and yet again it is something which I totally agree with.
Am very pleased that apart from the release of Yoshihara and Son at the start of the window, I have totally agreed with all players who have stayed and all who have left so far.

There are lots more players needed to come in, and a lot of the big names still to decide, but so far so good.

Shogo Kobara.
Brought in as a tall centre-back from Ehime for our J1 season he did OK alongside Daiki in his first season, and while our defence wasn’t great it did at least look like he would be comfortable back in J2 the following year.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out like that, and it seems like Daiki may have been doing a lot of organising to help Kobara. He tried to be a more senior player in the 2012 season, and tried to be responsible for distribution from the back.
Unfortunately he was totally incapable of performing this role and he gave away more goals than he helped to stop.

His eventual injury at Giravanz came as something of a relief, and he won’t be missed at the club.

Him leaving is a good sign that we should be getting someone else in to play with Koga, Kazuki and Tokio as 3 centre-backs at the club isn’t enough for the whole season.
If Kobara can get back to his 2011 form he may work out well at Ehime, but things had gone stale at Avispa.

Leaving quote: I am transferring to Ehime Fc at this time. I will come back to Level-5 Stadium, but next time as an opponent. Thank-you for the 2 years.

Posted December 28, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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