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Another week, and another 4 players sign. This time the first new players since the arrival of the new sporting director, Marijan Pusnik.

I think that all 4 players signing on are positive (to varying degrees) and hope the off season continues to go well.

Masahiro Koga
The negative remarks at the start of last season were that Koga had come here to retire and get a few badges somewhere he could coach, and while a horrible defensive record might support that the reality is that he certainly was trying last year.
I will continue to say the defensive problems of last year were from midfield, and while defensively we weren’t good, I still support Masahiro to organise a defence with a clean start.
I think he should be alongside Hatamoto as while his legs aren’t totally gone he doesn’t have pace, and he can teach a willing new student a lot of tricks of the ‘dark arts’.
I’ll fight hard next season as a member of Avispa’s playing staff. I want to work hard, and take responsibility. Thank you for your support.

Go Nishida
He didn’t have a good 2012 season, but he couldn’t be accused of not trying. A useful person to have around the club, he works hard and plays hard and always seems like a couple of goals away from going on a good run.
Not too sure where his strengths are, possibly in the air, but without being very good. A little like Yutaka really.
Has horrible first touch, and needs to spend time practicing to control a ball if he wants to be able to lead a line and hold the ball up.

Came in mid-season and showed the rest of the squad what it means to be a professional footballer. Again, not the most gifted footballer in the world but works incredibly hard and was our best player from the moment he joined the club.
I’m surprised he has re-signed, I’d heard his family was expanding and he had to go back to Brazil, but his wife is Japanese origin and will hopefully see that Fukuoka is a pretty nice place.
Plays with the modern mind-set of pressing from high up the pitch and will do as much by showing others how to play the modern game as scoring his own goals.

Kim Min Je
I’m even more surprised that Min Je has re-signed, not because he doesn’t deserve a new contract but because of how things ended last season.
I still maintain he could be the best left-back in the whole division if played to his strengths, but last year was being told to stay back, didn’t have someone playing in front of him, and then had some crazy position switching for goal kicks, before being dropped for the distinctly average Omata.
Hopefully the new manager will very quickly see that he is a player who can dominate his wing if given the support he needs and will be seen as J2’s best left-back at the end of 2013.

Formation from signed players

With Nishida and Osmar signed we have 2 competent strikers, but without one who I would say could lead the line on his won for the whole season.
Nishida will be a nuisance, but needs players to collect second balls; Osmar may be able to play alone with his energy and movement but likes to play with the ball in front of him rather than holding it up.

How about a fashionable 3xx formation? It would ask quite a lot of Taku, but we’ll be getting in another right-back before the season starts to play against tougher teams.


The biggest advantage for me would be trying to make the most of MinJe’s stamina and pace on the wing.


Posted December 20, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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