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While right-back is probably the #1 concern at the moment seeing as we don’t have anyone at the club who can play there, I still think the most important thing to sort out is the midfield.

The defence is going to get a lot of criticism after last year, and while they deserve a lot of it, it was by leaving a huge space in the middle of the pitch with no defensive shield which caused us the biggest problem.

This problem was potentially going to be solved in mid-season by the arrival of Kenta Kano on loan from Yokohama F Marinos. With Okada nowhere near as good as hoped, Sueyoshi gone backwards and Suzuki Jun never being a player capable of covering the ground to allow a 2-man midfield the signing was exactly what the club needed.
Unfortunately Kano held a big farewell party where he allowed himself to be photographed holding a shirt covered in good luck messages, and this was then uploaded onto someone’s blog before any official announcement had been made.

Yokohama pulled the plug on the whole deal and he stayed at Marinos where he didn’t really ever get a game for the rest of the season (apart from a good game in the Emperor’s Cup).

Why mention him again now?
He has just been released by Yokohama F Marinos and will be looking for a new club.
He might get better offers, he could certainly do a job for a lower J1 team, but I really hope that after what happened in the summer we have at least given him a call to see if he wants to make the transfer which never happened come a reality.

Posted December 16, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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