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Avispa can today welcome their new manager to the club, and the man coming to the club is a big surprise in almost every way.

After 4 seasons of Japanese managers, and almost entirely Japanese teams we once again have a foreign manager; Marijan Pusnik from Slovenia.

It isn’t a name I’ve ever heard of, and looking through his CV it would take someone with knowledge of the Slovenian or Iranian Leagues to be familiar with his work as a manager as all of the clubs he has managed have been there.
It is a list which does include Maribor which is a very well established club, and came at a time when they had quite severe financial problems so he may well be familiar with working on a budget.

I think the appointment is excellent news for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, it will bring a freshness to the club with a new man coming in, with new ideas about formations and tactics which will hopefully give the club a new ‘era’.
Last season it seemed that everyone knew the game Avispa were playing was so broken, but it was just ‘how Avispa play’. If someone can come in and write a new script without the pressure of the problems from the last 2 seasons it can only be positive.

Secondly, having a European manager will automatically give us a style of play and mentality which is different to the other clubs in the division.
If you took an English 3rd division team and put them in J2 I think they would do well. Not because the players are better, but because the style of play is something so different to what the division rivals are used to it would give an edge.
I hope him to bring a directness to the club (without being long-ball), which will separate us from everyone else in the division.

Thirdly. While he doesn’t have a CV like Ardiles or Littbarski he does seem to have a very clear pedigree in training and bringing through youngsters.
This is eaxctly what Avispa needs. We have some great young players now, and the Fukuoka/Kyushu area makes some of the best young players (who then seem to leave the island). If Avispa can establish itself as a centre of excellence for young players to come to then it will mean more for the club than anything else.

Comments from Marijan Pusnik (rough translation from the Japanese, having already been translated into Japanese – apologies Mr. Pusnik!)
Hi, It’s nice to meet you everyone, I’m Marijan Pusnik. I’m very honoured to be able to take over at Avispa Fukuoka at this time.
I have led a team which has developed many players from youngsters to professionals.
I hope to use all I have learned and experienced as a Director of Football to do a great job. I look forward to seeing all the fans of Avispa Fukuoka. Thanks for your support.

He seems to do his own publicity by writing a blog and uploading videos onto youtube.
I’m guessing a win against Villareal was probably his biggest ever triumph. His team looks like they may possibly be playing a 442 formation, but with a huge difference from last year in the central 2 are going to box-to-box rather than trying to be volantes.

If it means we can play a little higher up the pitch I’ll be a happy man.


Posted December 14, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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