3 players sign for 2013.   Leave a comment

No big surprises in the 3 players signing for 2013, but they are the first to renew contracts.

Kazuki Yamaguchi

One of the most popular players at the club; he is in the fortunate position of being loved without being one of our better players.
I say ‘fortunate’, but in reality there is nothing fortunate about it. He always takes time to sign autographs, talk to fans after games and training, and could never be accused of not trying his best.

Unfortunately his best is not really ever going to be a top defender, but if he knows his limits and sticks to trying to head, block and get in the way rather than try to pass the ball around he is definitely good enough for this level.
He has had trouble with injuries and will hopefully have a full season this year.

Eita Kasagawa
The 3rd choice goalkeeper for his whole career at 22 he should probably be thinking that he should now be on the bench for 2013.

He isn’t good enough for a full season at J2, but few 22 year olds are.
Quite small for a goalkeeper, will hopefully bulk out a bit.

Taku Ushinohama
Burst onto the scene in 2011 as his made his debut aged 19 and scored 2 goals in the J-League.
A tricky right winger, who has played more centrally but should stay out wide in my opinion.
A total mystery as to why Maeda didn’t use him at all last year, but thankfully he didn’t get annoyed and go looking for a club who would give him a game.

Should be a start member on the right of midfield in my opinion. There may be better players right now, but given games and confidence he could be a real player by the end of the season.

Signed team for 2013


Posted December 12, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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