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On the first day back after the play-off final and end of J2 season and Avispa have announced the first players to be leaving the club.

No real surprises in the names, but predictably it includes a couple of young players who have never been given a chance to show what they can do.
If we had been fighting all season and couldn’t afford to lose games I’d understand why they never got a chance, but our season was over in August. The youngsters should have got games, even if they weren’t good enough it would encourage other young players that they would be given a fair chance after coming to Avispa.

Takumi Wada
The least successful footballer in Japan? In the past 6 years he has been relegated with 4 different clubs, and the other 2 seasons ended in failure as JEF failed to get promotion, and now Avispa finish the lowest in their history.
Not a bad player, but seemed to lose all interest around the halfway point of the season. Had a baby at around that time, and maybe his priorities have changed.
Good decision to let him go; he could still play at a lower level J2 club or JFL team.
“Thank-you for your support in the last 2 years. The support in Level-5 stadium, and at the training ground in Gannosu, to all fans and supporters I’m grateful. I will work on bettering myself, and will always be rooting for Avispa. Thank-you very much

Big things were expected of Samir when he arrived, and he never really fulfilled those hopes. To be fair to him he was never really given much chance to.
He had a couple of substitute appearances, and a couple of starts, and scored a goal against the University in the club, but never really demanded to be picked.
He had some great movement, and clever link-up play, but was perhaps missing the explosive power which would have set him apart as a striker.
I’m sure his journey will continue, having seen Japan maybe it is on to Korea or back to China.

Yutaka Takahashi
Maybe the biggest surprise is to see the back of Yutaka. Not because I think he is good (I think he is very lucky to have got a contract for the last 2 seasons), but after being made Captain it seemed someone at the club rated him.
He isn’t a quick or tall striker, not great in the box, and fails to shoot from distance unless it is a set piece. Had more chances than anyone in the last 3 seasons, but has only scored a handful of goals.
Had his best season with Kumamoto in the JFL, and that is probably the best place for him.
“I’ve been at the club for 4 years, and feel personally sorry about not being able to improve results.
However, I do appreciate having been able to experience promotion, relegation, and a variety of other experiences at Avispa.
I felt the warm support, and won’t forget the atmosphere at Level-5 stadium.
I love football and will carry on to do my best. I hope Avispa all the best and tank the club for taking care of me.”

Shogo Kobara
Kobara didn’t look too bad at J1 level, but was terrible this season in J2. It seemed he didn’t know his strengths (or was being told to play against them), and repeatedly gave the ball away and was caught out of position.
He can easily carry on playing at a J2 club, but he needs to know his limits. He isn’t a passing defender, he can’t organise a defence, but if he played next to someone who can then he will do OK at J2.
“Thank-you for your warm support for the last 2 years. I’m sorry we couldn’t promote to J1 this season, but I hope you do next season.

Yosuke Miyaji
Very lucky to get a contract for 2012, he did absolutely nothing this year and deservedly was allowed to leave the club.
Picked as a designate player 3 years ago people expected Miyaji could become a player, but he really hasn’t done anything in that time.
Tried at central defence, full-back, and defensive midfielder he wasn’t good enough at any of them.
While Wada, Samir, Yutaka and Kobara could play on, I think it is best for Miyaji to look for other careers and play semi-pro.
“Thank-you for the 3 years. I will work hard to play football and recover from injury.I’ll continue to support Avispa in the future.

Kosuke Yatsuda
A total waste of time him coming to Avispa. We had huge central defence problems and he still didn’t get on the bench, let alone play.
I don’t know why he came to the club, but hope whoever signed him paid his wages personally.
Thank you for this year, and the warm support I received. Thank you very much.

Masato Yoshihara
While I was quite pleased the other players leave I really wanted Yoshihara to be given more of a chance.
He used to be seen as the heir to Jumbo, and had been called up to Japan National teams for his age, but never had a chance this year.
I guess he didn’t make progress, and when I saw him training at Gannosu he certainly didn’t look very good, but how could they let him leave without seeing what he does with a big crowd watching.
I hope other young players don’t see that he went from being a National Team player, to released without getting a game and think that Avispa is a club which won’t give them a chance.
I will leave Avispa from this season. It was a short period of 3 years, but I appreciate the experiences I have had at Avispa and will try to use these experiences in the future. Thank you for 3 years.

Son Jon Ryun
Similar to Masato, he was signed as a schoolboy, stayed at the club for 3 years, and never got a chance to show what he could do.
I think part of his problem was it was never very clear what position he played, but with our problems last year it seems crazy he was never given a chance to show what he could do.
I’m speaking having had a short period of 3 years as a footballer.
I Thank all the people at the club who worked together, the staff and players, and am grateful to all who supported me. I want to now grow in a different environment. Thank you very much.

I am sure there will be more players leaving soon.


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