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The season has just ended, and we don’t have a new manager but we need to start rebuilding for next season as quickly as possible.

I think one of the problems from this season was that Maeda had his formation and way of playing, but players were brought in who were available without really thinking about this.
The players brought in (and it will be a lot this winter) need to be selected based on a formation and tactic first. Not asking players to play in a style and position they don’t know.

For me, thinking of the formation used first and getting players we need second is most important.

My #1 choice : 451/433
The biggest problem we had this year was being totally over-run in midfield. Our central 2 couldn’t fill the space against other teams using a more modern single striker, or 3 man defence.
J2 is stupidly competitive, with teams at the bottom regularly beating teams at the top, and midfield takes on a huge importance in this situation.

Added to this is Avispa’s desire to play an attractive short passing game. I don’t mind that they are trying to ‘play the right way’, but in this style having men in the middle and players who can pass and make space is even more important.

……..Suzuki….(new player)……
…………..(new player)…………
Min Je….Koga…….Hatamoto…(new player)

This formation makes use of our best young players (Ishizu and Ushinohama) who can make space by dribbling on the wings, and are both able to get in the box when balls are coming in from the other wing.
I kept Sakata as he is a hard-working striker, but a new target man striker would be equally effective.

Getting new, talented players in the middle of the pitch has to be the #1 priority for whoever it is that buys players.
I’d take one very highly rated young J1 player, and one highly paid, older, very experienced player to play as a defensive shield and organise the players in front of his into a formation which doesn’t have Naruoka Sho wandering around the pitch.

Koga can stay for his experience, but should play alongside Hatamoto to eventually make him first pick.
Kim should be encouraged to link and overlap with Isihizu, with a similar right-back.

Kamiyama is good enough for this division, but may now be fed up.

A fluid 451/433 with players in the middle of the pitch. Get the correct central midfielders and this team is capable of promotion.


Posted November 16, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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