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My assessment of how the players have done this season.

A = Very good season, key player to keep at the club.
B = Has had good season, and should stay at the club.
C = Average. Will hopefully be better in the future.
D = Bad season. Needs to do a lot better to stay at the club.
E = Awful. Shouldn’t be at Avispa next season.


Kamiyama : C When we were doing ok in the first 10 games of the season I thought he was one of our best players. Still makes mistakes, and has bad kicking, but shouldn’t have been dropped.
Next Season = If he still likes the club he is good enough for J2.

Kawata : B- Got his chance and stayed in the team. Not a bad young keeper, but is a long way from making it at J1 level. I think he is physically too small to ever be a top keeper.
Next Season = I’d be happy if he wanted to come to Avispa full time (not on loan), but think he should probably try to get into the Gamba team in J2.

Kasagawa : C- Had no chances this year; less than the previous 2 seasons. Needs to start getting game time if he wants to make it.
Next Season = Should ask if he will be on the bench next season, if not go and find somewhere he will.


Kim Min Je : C- Started the season as one of our best players, but then seemed to lose all confidence. He is an attacking full-back, if he is made to defend and stay back he loses his game.
Next Season = Ask the club about what direction they are going in with managers and tactics. He could be awesome in a 352, or 4xx which looks for over-lapping wingers.

Takumi Wada : D- Had a few good games at the start of the season, but then seemed to stop caring and didn’t get in the team even when we really needed full-backs.
Next Season = After about 5 seasons in a row which have ended in disappointment I think maybe it is time for him to think about looking towards his life after football. Low level club with opportunities to learn coaching badges.

Koga : D Brought in to organise defence, we conceded more goals than everyone apart from Gainare. A total failure of a season, and will only get slower next season.
Next Season = He still looks like he cares, but can’t sort out our problems. I guess he has a contract for next year, and should look at it as his job to teach Hatamoto everything he can.

Kazuki : C- He is never going to be a great ball-playing defender, but that is what he was asked at times this year. Came back from a bad injury quickly, and didn’t play like he was worried about it.
Next Season = Should stay at the club, he is a useful big defender. Needs to play to his skills: blocking, heading, quick clearances; not passing moves from defence.

Kobara : E Horrible season. Seemed to think he was a technical, ball-playing defender when similar to Kazuki he is just a old-style aerial defender. Cost us so many goals and did nothing positive I can think of.
Next Season : Very similar to kazuki he needs to play to his limitations. Different to Kazuki I want him to do it at a different club.

Oh : D- Don’t know what happened to this guy. If he got injured I didn’t hear about it. Looked incredible in his first game doing amazing skills, but then didn’t play for the last 3/4 of the season even though we had no right-back.
Next Season : Find out if he will play. I’d love to see him again, but don’t know what is going on.

Miyaji : E Another season where he hardly plays, and when he did was useless. Lucky to get a contract last year, surely he won’t get one this year.
Next Season : Find a club in the JFL of Regional Legue where he can play, or look at jobs outside of football.

Yatsuda : E What was the point of this guy ever joining us. We had terrible injury problems at central defence and he couldn’t even get on the bench.
Next Season = I have no idea what he is like, he needs to go and find a club where he plays.

Omata : C Had some good games, and dealt with an injury well, but not the standard I’d expect from someone who has spent their career in J1. Provides useful height at full-back, but isn’t effective as an attacking full-back.
Next Season : Think a permanent move to Avispa would be quite good for him, he isn’t going to play regularly in J1. I wouldn’t be excited by the signing, but he is ok at this level.

Hatamoto : B+ Came into the first team early when we had bad injuries and was a revelation. Should be the foundation we build a new team around. Not a coincidence that we had our best time of the season when he was playing.
Next Season : Should be put into the team along side an experienced organiser. I don’t know why he stopped getting chances (maybe linked to his current stress fractures), he will make some bad mistakes; he is very young, but he won’t keep making them week after week like Kobara.

Tsutsumi : D Will keep being taken on loan or being offered contracts as managers will look at his size, skills and history and think they can turn him into a top player. Unfortunately he has a laissaz-faire attitude in games and can’t see he will change.
Next Season : Shouldn’t be at the club. Let him drift around at other clubs.


Okada : D- Brought in to try and give us a combative midfield, and despite dropping from J1 was totally ineffective. Had a couple of good games, but was generally just not good enough. Not good enough to break into the first team for a club at the bottom of J2 with a terrible midfield.
Next Season = Maybe he just had a bad season and is better than what he showed here, but he should try to get out of Fukuoka as quick as possible and try to totally forget this season.

Sueyoshi : D- I was worried as soon as I saw he had left #22 and taken shirt #7. I get the impression he thinks he is much better than he is. He is not a #7, when he plays at his best he is an ok defensive midfielder, and certainly shouldn’t be looking at himself as a first team player. Gone from J2 Rookie of the Year to below average midfielder for a team at the bottom of J2.
Next Season = Should start from the bench, watching a hard-working top salary midfielder to see how far away he is from where he thinks he is.

Suzuki : D Very similar to Sueyoshi, he is nowhere near as good as he thinks. Has a better work-rate, but seems to have gone backwards from the player he was 2 years ago. To see him running out as Captain pretty much sums up his mentality, and where the club went wrong this season.
Next Season = Start on the bench with Sueyoshi. Having Nakamachi around made both our midfielders better just by letting them know they were not finished.

Jogo : B- It might seem a low score for someone who scored so many goals this season, but he was a luxury player we couldn’t afford at times this year. He scores amazing goals, and is technically amazing, but drifts out of games when we were in a fight.
Next Season = I think he will be leaving (FC Tokyo?), but may find that he should have stayed. Other clubs won’t give him the time that Avispa fans do, and will be quicker to notice the 15 minute spells he has out of the game.

Kihara : D Didn’t look very effective when he played, but did score a few goals. Everyone talked about his pace, but he doesn’t seem to use it by hitting the corners or playing on shoulders.
Next Season = I wouldn’t mind him at Avispa if he was given a chance. Needs to play wherever he goes.

Naruoka : D- Stayed at the club after saying he didn’t think Avispa fans had seen the best of him, what is he thinking now. The best technical player at the club, with great soft feet, and maybe too good for the players around him. Scored good goals, but can’t hold a formation and is quick to criticise others.
Next Season = I’d love Avispa to be able to play in the way he wants them to, but they can’t. No matter how much he tells players to play as he wants them to, they don’t have the skill to do so. Asking them to do what he wants is causing more problems than good.

Son : C- Made the bench, but got no games even though we had huge problems in midfield.
Next Season = Should try to get some sort of assurance he will get time on the pitch next year.

Ushinohama : C- Same as Son, no time on the pitch after breaking through the year before. Not their fault, but they have to get some chances.
Next Season = Look at who comes in as manager, if he will play then he could be a key player, if he won’t he deserves to go elsewhere.


Samir : D Did ok when he got chances, but never enough to demand he be picked. Just misses some explosive power, good movement and excellent attitude.
Next Season = I liked his movement and worked well, especially with Naruoka and Osmar, but if he isn’t going to get games then what is the point of having him?

Yutaka : D- Lots of chances, never looked like he was going to be able to do it. Strange decision to make him Captain at the start of the year he played as a target type striker, despite being small and not fast.
Next season = Shouldn’t be at the club. Wasn’t good enough 2 years ago, and has only scored 4 goals since then and is now just stopping the progress of other players.

Sakata : C Started amazingly, but then after injury never recaptured his form. Works hard, and always looked like he could go on a run of goals but it never came.
Next Season = Depends entirely on his salary. He is our best player, but not worth more than 20m a year. If he still thinks he is J1 price then he needs to go elsewhere.

Ishizu : B Not the finished article but looked good when he came on in games and scored goals. Tries to do too much at times, but has a directness and willingness to run with the ball which we need.
Next Season : Should be one of the first names on the team sheet for the start of the season. I’d like to see him on the left of a 451/433 and will scare defenders and make space.

Nishida : DSeems like a nice guy, and tries hard, but just isn’t good enough for a club looking to go up to J1. His first touch is terrible, and in a team trying to play a short passing game this makes him pretty much useless.
Next Season = I don’t think he is as good as some of the youngsters we have in the reserves. If he is cheap he isn’t a bad player to have around.

Masato : C- Didn’t get any chance. Needs to start playing, didn’t look amazing when I saw him in training sessions.
Next Season : As with all 2nd and 3rd year trainees he now needs to start getting on the pitch. If it doesn’t look like he will he should leave.

Osmar : B+ Came in when the season was already finished, and with no attachment to the club and looked like he cared more than anyone else at the club. Plays with energy and heart, and scored goals with his head and feet. Snatched at chances when he first came to the club, but nothing which wouldn’t be expected for a new guy coming into a new environment and should only get better.
Next Season = I’d like him to stay, I think the club would like him to stay, I think he wouldn’t mind staying, but I wonder if somehow outside forces are going to end up meaning he doesn’t stay.


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