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Gainare Tottori 2 : 1 Avispa Fukuoka

The final humiliation of an embarrassing season was a last day defeat to Gainare; a team who would have overtaken us in the table if the season had been 3-4 weeks longer.

It means that at the end of the season we finish in 18th position, a full 6 points behind 17th and with only the new team of Toyama, Tottori, Gifu and Machida below us.
I hope the players are really embarrassed at how poor they are, with many of them on salaries which wouldn’t be out of place at one of the promoted teams. They should be ashamed to wear the shirt, and at seeing the fans turn up week after week to watch when a lot of them just don’t seem to care.

The team looked even more of a mess than usual at the start with Okada playing from the start alongside Suzuki and Sueyoshi. An incomprehensible decision; playing someone who is on loan, out of position, ahead of a younger player who hasn’t been given a game all season.
Nishida was back as striker as the management team tried to juggle people around and hope that something worked out, and it did seem to at the start as we went into a 1st minute lead.
Almost straight from the kick-off Sakata ran towards the right corner and with Nishida following him to collect the ball after a tackle, he ran directly at goal and took an early shot to loop over the keeper. It was nice to think that Avispa were now thinking about playing towards goal rather than passing it left-to-right across their own half, but it was a false dawn.

We were subjected to some last game Tsutsumi magic to remember him by as a cross from the right wing bounced all along the Avispa 6-yard line where Tsutsumi helpfully trapped the ball and invited a Gainare player to run in an score from a metre out.
Tsutsumi claimed a foul for reasons known only to himself. No, it wasn’t a fould, you are just no good Tsutsumi. I’m sure another manager will look at his physical attributes and skill next season and take him to another club, but his casual attitude will mean he will never make it as a professional footballer.

After seeing their lead gone we then made Gainare look like a great team, and invited attacks from them, especially down the wings.
This time from a totally vacant left-wing after Kazuki had gone off with Tsutsumi moved to the middle, a cross was sent in which after taking a hand from kawata fell straight to a Gainare attacker. With a ridiculous amount of space from about the penalty spot he chose his place and scored past the watching Avispa defenders.
There was another piece for the Avispa defence highlight reel as Koga and Omata collided on the line like something from a Benny Hill comedy sketch.

I’d say that it was so bad that something has to change, but I’ve been thinking that for 3 months.
The Chief Executive left his position during the week (maybe he didn’t like 3 minutes of booing as he tried to talk during the last home game) and I can only hope they get someone in who will really shake the club up.

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