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With only 5 games left of the season we are running out of time to save anything from this season.
The only thing which might be useful is to see some of the young players and who will be able to play next season, and which positions we need to spend some wages on new faces.

A totally unfair thing to do would be to not offer someone a contract at the end of the season when they haven’t even had a chance to show what they can do; or bring in a new winger/striker/defender, and then find that a youngster could have done a good job anyway.

We have 3 home games left. It wouldn’t be a good idea to play young players against Ventforet, and the last game of the season is often used for leaving players to have a last game; so we should play young players against Tochigi on Sunday.

Don’t play loan players who aren’t going to be at the club next season (Kawata, Tsutsumi, Omata, Okada, Kihara), don’t play players who are not going to have a new contract (Naruoka?).

Maybe we will lose, but at least we will have information to think about during the winter break and an idea where to get new players.


If they play badly then we know we need to sign someone for next season, or they can’t complain if they don’t get a new contract or many games next year.

We know the team we see every week are bad, that is why we are at the bottom of J2, let’s find out about players who aren’t getting a chance.
They can’t do much worse.

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No good highlights this week. I didn’t even bother watching the highlights show, and I guess many other uploaders didn’t either.

Just found one short clip of the 2nd Faginao goal.

You can see how disorganised the defence is. What you can’t see is that the whole thing started by Avispa trying to pass out of defence and giving the ball away 25m from goal again.

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Fagiano Okayama 2 : 1 Avispa Fukuoka

I missed the start of this match, but checked the team line-up driving back to see that (as expected) it was the same failed players, and failed formation which I’ve been wasting my weekends watching all season.

I guess that Maeda is going to stick to his team, whether because he is too stubborn to see it doesn’t work, or just can’t be bothered to think of anything else to do.
Certainly lots of the players didn’t look like they cared and many of the travelling away fans were using more energy on the side with their banner telling the team to stop messing the fans and support around.

By arriving about 20 minutes late I came in to find that we were already 1-0 down to a goal in the 3rd minute.
How many times have we conceded in the first 5 minutes this season? Seeing the highlights at half-time it was a cross sent into the middle where our terrible central defence (how can Kobara still be getting a game?) were hopeless and allowed Kawamata to score.

Starting to watch the match at 20 minutes the first thing I saw was Koga passing around the defence to Kobara, who played a crazy ball to Sueyoshi being closed down with the Fagiano attack able to then run at the defence from within our own half.
With time and space to pick out Kawamata the score was doubled.

How on Earth can the team still think it is a good idea to pass slowly around the defence before passing to Suzuki or Sueyoshi about 5m in front of them is crazy. How Kobara can be allowed to pass the ball ever is crazy. I can think of at least 8 goals this season which have been directly caused by Kobara trying to pass the ball and giving it straight to the opposition to run and score. He then sits on the floor and the camera manages to zoom in on him with an expression which seems to say ‘Ohh, it’s happened again’.

I may have well switched off then, a minute after starting to watch. We were lucky to not be 4-0 down at half-time after giving the ball direct to Fagiano about 3 more times.
Faginao were creating nothing of their own, but were able to just sit in midfield and wait for us to pass it around so slowly that they would get the ball just outside the penalty area eventually.

Things changed at half-time with Jogo being pushed up as striker (basically exactly how they ended last season, we’re going back in time now) in place of Sakata. Ishizu came on in his place and was at least running around a little bit.
I would love to see some stats on how far Sueyoshi runs in a game. Someone in his position should be looking at 10km as a bench-mark, I doubt he does more than 2km, and doesn’t seem to be able to do anything apart run back to 5m away from Kobara and ask for the ball when he has players closer to him than the defence.
He reminds me of when I watch primary children play football, and they run towards the ball and ask for it; always want to take set-pieces and throw-ins, without ever actually doing a little bit of running to get the ball themselves. Do some work Sueyoshi. Maybe in 10 years after you have proven yourself to have a little bit of skill you can start asking for the ball, until then try to show you deserve to be called a professional footballer.

With Ishizu doing some work and closing down Fagiano the ball did break for Avispa, ironically enough to Sueyoshi, who showed that if he could add some work to his game does have the ability to pick a pass and slid a ball through to Jogo who smashed a shot into the top corner at the near post.
I’d think a keeper should save most things at his near post, but it was absolutely smashed.

That was as good as it got for Avispa, I was drifting of to sleep towards the end of the game as there was no way we were going to score, and even if we did it would still be a draw with a bunch of players who don’t care.

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It feels sad to be thinking about a preview against Fagiano Okayama and saying that it will be anything less than an Avispa win.
Not wanting to be harsh on Fagiano, but they are a club with only 3 years J-League experience, small crowds, and a team which have only a fraction of the skill or experience which we have (on paper).

In reality it is likely to be a very hard game for us against a team way above us in the table. I wouldn’t be happy with a draw, but to be even thinking about it shows the current state of the team.

With last weekend’s draw against Yokohama it is now mathematically impossible for us to reach the play-offs. Any small miracle that Maeda may have been hoping for to save his season is gone, there is now absolutely no point in us playing the same team of over-paid, under-achievers who have got us into this situation.

While I don’t want to draw, I would sooner draw (or even lose) with a team of younger players than drive back from the beach to watch Yutaka fall over for 90 minutes and end up drawing 0-0.

Please Maeda, play players who might make me want to watch Avispa next season. A good run with young players will sell more season tickets than wins with loan players.

Avispa News

Who knows. Maybe the maths of missing the play-offs will spur Maeda to do something, but he should have done it a month ago.

I think he will just play basically the same team who lost to Kumamoto and drew with Yokohama.
Kazuki is out suspended so he will move Kobara across, while he should obviously play Hatamoto. Wada or Tsutsumi to play their last game for the club at right-back.

Faginao News

No players suspended.

Can’t be bothered to try and work out who is likely to play or be any good because they seem to think it is a good idea to list 49 active squad members in the season digest.

My Prediction

Fagiano 0 – 1 Avispa

I can’t face saying we won’t win, but it will just be the same failed team getting an 89th minute winner from Osmar or Iishizu.

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Avispa 1 : 1 Yokohama FC

As I arrived at the ground and got the match-day program I was half thinking I should have gone out to the beach. If possible the team had regressed from last week, with Yutaka coming in to start for Osmar, Kobara still playing out of position at right-back, and the totally ineffective Suzuki-Sueyoshi partnership in midfield.
The bench was full of players who will never be good enough rather than giving a chance to youngsters who might not be good enough, but it is impossible to know as they haven’t had a chance this season.

Of more interest to anything Avispa were going to do was how Jumbo would do. He had an expected warm welcome from the fans, and in the first 10 minutes showed that he could still cause real problems with his head, winning goal-kicks and set-pieces with ease.
Unfortuantely for Yokohama his strike-partner Kaio didn’t really seem very suited for that game. While he wasn’t a bad player in his own right, they needed a small energetic striker to collect Jumbo’s headers.

Avispa were actually passing the ball around quite well at times, but it is all too little too late, I don’t actually care if this bunch of players can start being able to pass forward with 10 games left of the season; they aren’t going to be at the club next year.
From one passing move high up the pitch Sueyoshi slid an excellent slide pass through to Sakata who had found space well in the box, but his finish summed up his confidence at the moment, scopping over from 8m out.

At the other end Kaio did have a couple of chances to open the scoring. First from a header he should have done better with after Kawata fumbled a cross, and then smashing a great volley on the turn against the bar which I doubt Kawata even saw.

It was a game between 2 teams who didn’t really have a creative spark in midfield, or cutting edge up front. The difference between the two teams wasn’t big, and Avispa could easily be where Yokohama are now in the table if just a few mistakes were cut out this season, but that still isn’t good enough.
Avispa should have a team which is easily in the play-offs and fighting for automatic promotion, not thinking we could be 8th if we’d been a bit luckier.

0-0 at half time the game was given a goal it hadn’t really looked like getting when Naruoka hit another contender for goal of the season. A corner was bundled clear to the corner of the penalty area where he hit an amazing volley into the top corner. It wasn’t the hardest hit shot, but his great technique allowed him to place it beyond the keeper’s reach.
In a collection of best goals of the season AVispa might be the best in J2, we have scored some incredible goals, but this sort of sums up the team. We don’t have a plan for scoring easy goals, and end up relying on the skilled players we definitely have to do something amazing. As good as some of our players are they can’t do that every week.

Avispa were looking good for 3 points, but with 20 minutes to go seemed to stop attacking and try to hold on for a 1-0 win.
This was never going to work, our defence is terrible and inviting attacks is the last thing we should be doing.

A couple of times we had chances for counter-attacks, and Jogo did get into the box with well timed runs and had chances he’d hope to score, but largely we tried to slow things down rather than try and play higher up the pitch.

With 3 minutes left to play the inevitable happened as a cross into the box ended up in the Avispa net. I don’t know who scored it, possibly even an own goal from some desperate defending but it was what Avispa deserved.

One incident which also served to sum up the season for me was the substitution of Naruoka. I was interested to see what the reaction from Maeda would be to a player who had just scored a goal which at that time was winning the game, but who seems to have fallen out with the management team.
He came off the pitch, walked straight past Maeda, who didn’t even turn to acknowledge his work. I don’t know what the situation is, I like to think that Naruoka has told him that the team is a disaster.

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