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Oita Trinita 1 : 0 Avispa Fukuoka

I’m a little bit annoyed that I spent my Sunday watching this terrible, boring game on the TV, I can’t imagnie how the couple of hundred fans who spent their time and money travelling across to Oita are feeling.

In 90 minutes of football we managed 3 shots, none of which were on target. This includes Suzuki Jun lobbing a shot from 45 metres away, and 15 minutes at the end playing with 3 strikers and both central defenders trying to play as striker.

The team has no ideas in attack. They can’t hold a formation which might make a passing game be effective in any way, and have close to zero movement whether they have the ball or don’t have the ball.
Only Ishizu seems to move with the ball, and he was trying to do way too much when he did have the ball, mostly because I guess he know that if he tries to pass it then whoever he passes it to will give it away anyway.

The score ended up 1-0, but realistically should have been 3 or 4-0. Oita had numerous chances to score from crosses into the box where our central defenders were having some trouble getting off the ground, hit the bar with a free kick, and had an attacker ruled off-side incorrectly when running through on goal.

The goal they did score came directly from the free-kick against the bar. With the whole Avispa team in the box they managed to allow Oita top scorer Morishima to be totally unmarked for a cross into the box for him to hit first time into the corner of the net.
The defending at Avispa really is Elementary School standard, and so is the theatrics from players like Suzuki Jun and Naruoka Sho when they get tackled after spending too long on the ball and fall to the floor squealing thing they should have a free-kick because someone took the ball off them.

I hope this season has been a wake up call for some of these players, and they don’t feel entitled to have time to pass and not work as they probably have through being told how great they are coming up through various University and High School teams.
I don’t think they will. I think that in Maeda they have an easy target to blame and in many cases will move onto a new club thinking they did no wrong this season.

Not that Maeda doesn’t deserve a lot of blame for the poorly organised, ridiculous inept tactics on show from Avispa this season.
The only positive I’ve taken from the last 3 months is that it has been so bad that there is no way Maeda can stay. Unfortunately rumours are now floating around saying he has a 2 year contract and will be here next year too.

If him or the board need any extra help in deciding whether another season like this is a good idea, here is a league table for the last 10 games:

Ventforet Kofu ………24 points
Matsumoto Yamaga……..21 points
Roasso Kumamoto………19 points
Yokohama FC …………17 points
Giravanz Kitakyushu…..16 points
Kateller Toyama………16 points
Kyoto Sanga………….15 points
JEF United…………..15 points
Mito Hollyhock……….14 points
Thespa Kusatsu……….14 points
Shonan Bellmare………13 points
Oita Trinita…………13 points
Fagiano Okayama………13 points
Gainare Tottori………12 points
FC Gifu……………..12 points
Tochigi SC…………..11 points
Tokyo Verdy………….10 points
Tokushima Vortis……..10 points
Ehime FC…………….10 points
Montedio Yamagata…….9 points
Machida Zelzia……….9 points
Avispa Fukuoka……….5 points

We are the worst club in the division. Not by a little bit, there are 4 points between us and the next worst.

If we had been playing as we are all season (which is still our senior players remember, no younger players have been given a chance) we would have 20 points, and already be relegated to the JFL.

The club needs a total renewal. Maeda out. Quit if they don’t sack you.


Posted October 28, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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