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With only 5 games left of the season we are running out of time to save anything from this season.
The only thing which might be useful is to see some of the young players and who will be able to play next season, and which positions we need to spend some wages on new faces.

A totally unfair thing to do would be to not offer someone a contract at the end of the season when they haven’t even had a chance to show what they can do; or bring in a new winger/striker/defender, and then find that a youngster could have done a good job anyway.

We have 3 home games left. It wouldn’t be a good idea to play young players against Ventforet, and the last game of the season is often used for leaving players to have a last game; so we should play young players against Tochigi on Sunday.

Don’t play loan players who aren’t going to be at the club next season (Kawata, Tsutsumi, Omata, Okada, Kihara), don’t play players who are not going to have a new contract (Naruoka?).

Maybe we will lose, but at least we will have information to think about during the winter break and an idea where to get new players.


If they play badly then we know we need to sign someone for next season, or they can’t complain if they don’t get a new contract or many games next year.

We know the team we see every week are bad, that is why we are at the bottom of J2, let’s find out about players who aren’t getting a chance.
They can’t do much worse.

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