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It feels sad to be thinking about a preview against Fagiano Okayama and saying that it will be anything less than an Avispa win.
Not wanting to be harsh on Fagiano, but they are a club with only 3 years J-League experience, small crowds, and a team which have only a fraction of the skill or experience which we have (on paper).

In reality it is likely to be a very hard game for us against a team way above us in the table. I wouldn’t be happy with a draw, but to be even thinking about it shows the current state of the team.

With last weekend’s draw against Yokohama it is now mathematically impossible for us to reach the play-offs. Any small miracle that Maeda may have been hoping for to save his season is gone, there is now absolutely no point in us playing the same team of over-paid, under-achievers who have got us into this situation.

While I don’t want to draw, I would sooner draw (or even lose) with a team of younger players than drive back from the beach to watch Yutaka fall over for 90 minutes and end up drawing 0-0.

Please Maeda, play players who might make me want to watch Avispa next season. A good run with young players will sell more season tickets than wins with loan players.

Avispa News

Who knows. Maybe the maths of missing the play-offs will spur Maeda to do something, but he should have done it a month ago.

I think he will just play basically the same team who lost to Kumamoto and drew with Yokohama.
Kazuki is out suspended so he will move Kobara across, while he should obviously play Hatamoto. Wada or Tsutsumi to play their last game for the club at right-back.

Faginao News

No players suspended.

Can’t be bothered to try and work out who is likely to play or be any good because they seem to think it is a good idea to list 49 active squad members in the season digest.

My Prediction

Fagiano 0 – 1 Avispa

I can’t face saying we won’t win, but it will just be the same failed team getting an 89th minute winner from Osmar or Iishizu.

Posted October 5, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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