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As the worst club in Kyushu, and the worst team in Avispa’s history there isn’t very much to look forward to tomorrow.
Maeda could play some youngsters and give hop for next season, but he doesn’t seem willing to do that; determined to try and get a few more 0-0 draws and finish 17th not 18th.

The only real point of interest for Avispa fans will be one man; Jumbo Okubo. I wasn’t his biggest fan in his last season at Avispa, but thought it was quite harsh to not offer him a new contract (especially as they kept the less effective Yutaka for another 2 seasons).
He went on to struggle for Montedio in J1 and had to play in an exhibition team to get signed by Yokohama FC this season.
Returning to J2 he has had a really good season, and been exactly the type of penalty box presence striker that Avispa have needed, and scored enough goals to be in the top 5 strikers for the division.

Does this mean Avispa were wrong to let him go? I don’t think so. He looked tired and out of energy in his last games for Avispa, and maybe a change in scenery was exactly what he needed to have this last burst in his career.
I hope he does well tomorrow, and if it means we end up losing I don’t really care at the moment (unless we do play a young team in which case I really want to win).

Avispa Team News.
Please please please play Hatamoto, Ishizu, Ushinohama, Masato, Son, any of the young players!
I don’t care if we end up losing, there is nothing to play for this season. All I want is to see something which will give me hope that next season might be better.
Watching players on loan, or who are definitely going to run next season gives me no hope at all, even if we get a lucky win.

In reality Maeda will play Suzuki and Okada in midfield (because we lost so he changes it), Sakata and Osmar up front, probably Naruoka on the wing. But really who cares. Kim probably back at left-back after Omata didn’t do too well against Kumamoto.
Nishida might get a game against his former club.

Yokohama News
The Yokohama team is really old, and may actually have Jumbo out injured after going off after 13 minutes in his last game. i don’t know what his injury was.
Miura won’t travel, Jumbo will play as striker and they’ll aim balls at his head for a long time.
They are likely to play in a flat 442, which may ease some pressure on our awful central 2, who should be trying to play somewhere other than 3m ahead of the defence.
At centre-back they have ex-urawa defender Horinouchi out suspended.

My Prediction

Avispa 0 – 0 Yokohama

Maeda won’t play a different team. We’ll pass the ball around without ever looking like scoring and I’ll have to decide whether I can be bothered to renew my season ticket for next year.


Posted September 29, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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