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Roasso 3 – 1 Avispa

It’s been 4 days since watching the match against Kumamoto, and seeing the inevitable defeat which leaves us 4 points behind them and with little hope of finishing the season as anything other than Kyushu’s worst J-League team.

Everything about the match was so predictable. The graphic I made bfore turned out to be totally correct, we had no ideas, the ball was passed around totally ineffectively, and apart from a moment of individual brilliance or mistake from Kumamoto we never looked like scoring.

Even my pessimism couldn’t have predicted the start we had as Kumamoto’s makeshift striker (a 24 year old defender) headed home a corner inside 90 seconds.
He was supposed to be marked by Kobara who had come back into the team as a right-back (?) and failed to head the ball away, which is pretty much the only thing I expected he might be able to do.
I have no idea why Maeda put him in as right-back, increasingly it is looking like he is trying a few different people in a few different positions and hoping something comes good. The one obvious thing he misses in doing this is ever giving the younger players a chance who may give some sort of positive to this otherwise awful season.

I stayed with the match, and was surprised to see we actually managed an equaliser. Obviously it didn’t come from us doing anything well, but rather a horrible pass backwards from the Kumamoto #10 which was intercepted by Osmar and scored for his first goal with his feet.
I say it was nothing good from Avispa, but have to give credit to Sueyoshi who was closing down well in a position high up the pitch where he should be trying to play.

That was as good as it got for Avispa as some old striker from Kashiwa Reysol came on for the #3 who had been playing as a striker but landed awkwardly and damaged his ligament.
Apparently this striker hadn’t scored a goal, so who better to play against than us.
A cross from deep on the left aimed at roughly the penalty spot was converted with a really good header leaning back, and guiding it back across goal. It was a good goal, but the striker was about 1.70m, how could he get anywhere near the ball with Kobara, Koga, Kazuki and Omata playing.

The game was finished, I managed to watch the whole thing, but can’t even remember their third goal and can’t be bothered to watch youtube to see what it was.
At a guess I would say it involved our defence watching a ball come into the box after being given away by our midfield playing about 5m outside the box.

We are terrible. Please Maeda, play some young players. There is nothing good that can come from this season unless you show someone who might be able to offer something next year.


Posted September 27, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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