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As far as I can tell this is what Maeda has been telling the team to do.

Maeda: “To get back in J1 we need to have defenders who can pass, have you seen Barcelona?”

Suzuki Jun: “Cool! I’ll be Iniesta. I can use the outside of my foot (my left foot)”

Maeda: “Great! We don’t need a midfield as our defenders can pass like midfielders already.”

Kazuki: “Errr…”

Tsutsumi: “I don’t care what we do so long as I can wear my tight shorts and muscle shirt.”

Ushinohama, Hatamoto, Masato, Son, Ishizu: “It sounds fun! Can we play?”

Maeda: “No. Kihara, Tsutsumi, Omata
and Okada have to go back to their clubs soon, we need to give them time to practice before they do.”

Sakata: “Are you sure Yutaka will be able to head balls on to me against much taller defenders?”

Naruoka: “I’m not sure if no midfield is a good idea boss.”

Maeda: “Shhh. In games against Toyama, Gifu and Machida we are unbeaten this season so something must be working.”


Posted September 23, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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