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Avispa 1-0, Jogo

A fast counter from a Fukuoka attack. Osmar created it as the only Avispa player who runs forward with the ball instead of stopping to wait for support (and the defence to re-oragnise).

Fukuoka University 1-1

Kazuki pulled out of position, Wada left to be beaten to a header by a student. He hasn’t looked much of a player this season.

Avispa 2-1, Jogo
Wada puts in a cross which isn’t high and to the back post and Jogo does what he does best. A piece of individual brilliance which shows he could be a top J1 player if he got more involved in games.

Avispa 3-1, Osmar
Seems to be a definite change in set-piece tactic with balls not always being aimed at the back-post for Koga to head back across goal. Worked here as it did against Verdy, this time with Osmar finishing well.

Avispa 4-1, Samir
Samir gets his first goal for the club with an early shot which caught out the keeper. They guy must be wondering why he doesn’t get a chance in the league.

Fukuoka University 4-2,
Please watch this goal over and over again Maeda. Not just this highlight, the 3 minutes before it too.
From absolutely nothing Avispa gave the ball away trying to pass around the defence and concede a stupid goal.
Nice pass from Kiyotake’s brother though, good finish too.


Posted September 16, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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