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It’s crept up on me a bit, but tonight we are playing against Tokyo Verdy as we complete our 2nd tough away game around the Emperor’s Cup.

I’m not very optimistic as Tokyo have been doing pretty well all season despite the fact that they lost their manager last week, who presumably didn’t think they were doing as well as I thought they had.

Avispa will be ‘riding a high’ after showing those University students a thing or too, but may well find that Verdy convert their chances a bit beter, and don’t have a referee who ignores basketball in the box.

Avispa News
Suzuki is suspended for the next couple of games so Sueyoshi and Okada will play ineffectively in the centre. I’d definitely sooner see Naruoka plying in the middle with his increased aerial threat and touch of class, but he isn’t trusted there.
Sakata will return in place of Yutaka as striker, and the rest of the team will be the same as Saturday.
Samir might get a spot on the bench after scoring.

Verdy news
Verdy have had the two best single performers I’ve seen live this season in their bald defender, and Abe as striker.

Avispa won’t be able to deal with these players if they are playing.

Not sure what effect losing a manager will have. Traditionally it has the potential for some bounce-back, but I don’t really understand the circumstances behind him leaving

My prediction
Tokyo Vredy 3 – 1 Avispa
We’re crap, and won’t get anything unless Tokyo give it to us or fail to capitalise on our defenders giving them the ball 4-5 times.

Posted September 13, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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